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Ufone is one of the best cellular network providers in Pakistan. It is equally widespread among people, one of the reason is that its coverage almost in every ...


Competition in the telecom industry is getting tight with every passing day. All telecom companies want to be best for their customers; some of them offer low ...


At the end of the hard, tiring day, people want some time for them in which they can relax and can enjoy the time accordingly. If you start to spare an hour ...


At the start of every month, people always make a new resolution that they will manage their expenditure and start saving but it is a hard task. Usually, ...


The national highway &motorway police is a law enforcement force in Pakistan that is responsible for enforcement of traffic and safety laws protection and ...


Job in Pakistan navy is the most wanted profession for those who want to serve up their country in any apparent job. Everybody cannot join the army as a ...


The service and general administration department is working with a charge to create effective, specialized, capable and responsible human resources to attain ...


Water sanitation is the procedure of cleaning up and getting rid of impurities in water so it will be secure for utilization purposes. In simple words, water ...


Far-Right activist namely Laura Loomer handcuffed herself while protesting in front of the Headquarters of social media on Thursday at 03:45 PM. She was ...


Pakistan railways formulate an effort to run trains strictly in accordance with the timetable. The progressive cargo instructs prop-up union activate by ...

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  1. These are government jobs. Please apply according to the advertisements given at the end of each post.

  2. Bhai ap apply karain. Advertisement provide ki gai hai post k end per. us ko follow karte howe apply karain. Thanks.

  3. Please apply.

  4. Pl app apply karain.

  5. Please buy the domain and select hosting to start with.

  6. Please apply before last date.

  7. Thank you for visiting us. We will update list soon Insha Allah

  8. advertisement last per di hoi hai. Ap apply karo dear

  9. Dear Rizwan I collect ads from newspapers regarding jobs published by the Departments/organization / Companies. There is nothing fake/frivolous here. I am actually helping people by providing job details. If even a single person got job with reference to our ads. Its enough for me. Please mend your thinking. Thank you for visiting us.

  10. I hope every person looting Pakistan connected with any political party or non-political will be hanged. Thank you for visiting us.

  11. Professors are great there. I recommend this college for you. For further detail about the scholarship can be obtained from the administration of College. Thank you for visiting us.

  12. Admission are opened

  13. Yes they are.

  14. Best colleges have been mentioned here. What about your result and marks you obtained.

  15. Please apply through detail mentioned in advertisement