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Top 10 Best Schools in Islamabad 2020

Best Schools in Islamabad in 2020 gonna be discussed here. Well! The provision of education to children is the fundamental right. An educated person not only helps his family but also benefits for the progress and prosperity of society and the country as well. Parent wants to see the bright future of their children. They are always willing to find the best school that provides quality education. It is the ambition of every parent to get admission of their children in the best school. We are here to discuss the top best Schools in Islamabad. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan has very much importance. People across the country love reside here due to facilities available in the city. Get Scholarship for Matric Students Here. The statistic reveals that over 7.4 million people are residing in Islamabad. Owing to the situation of the huge amount of residents in the city, the private School Association has allowed every popular and famous institution to open the branches in order to provide quality education to the children of Islamabad. All famous Institutions have established their branches in the city but which is the best school in Islamabad for the children is the question, we are here to answer. Click here for Best Colleges in Islamabad.

Although a good school is necessary for the children but the concentration and determination of the parent also work behind the success of the children. As far as education for the children is concerned, it is the responsibility of the parent to pay special attention to the performance of their children on regular basis. It is being noticed that the children supported by their parents perform well in the classroom. So parent’s devotion is also needed along with good educational institutions. Here we come to our purpose of writing this article. Various Government and Non Government Organizations Offer scholarships to the students such as Dala Foundation Scholarship. Well, there is great competition in the capital city but our experts spent lots of time surveying and finding the best school and finalized the below mentioned best schools.

 Froebel’s International School

Froebel’s International School is one of the best schools in Islamabad. It was founded in 1975. The owner Mrs. Sabiha Zamir Khan started the educational institutions with the vision of provision of quality academic education to the children. The very first campus consisted of ten (10) students along-with four (4) teaching staff. With the passage of time school was extended to 8 more campuses in the five cities. Highly qualified, dynamic & enthusiastic personnel provide guidance to the girls and boys studying in the school. Every possible effort has been done to make the environment comfortable and joyful. Extra curriculum activities are performed in the school to make the children mentally and physically strong. The school is fully equipped with professional staff, up-to-date labs, canteen providing high-quality food to children, playing areas, grounds beautiful outdoor sports areas. Vacancies are available in National Highway & Motorway Police. Qualification from early years to O/A Level has been given in the Froebel’s International School. The school sends intelligent students for educational trips locally and intentionally every year. Contact details of the school are given as under:-                     

Phone+92 512 652164-66
Toll Free No.0800-00808
Email AddressStreet No.13 Sector F-7/2, Islamabad

Preparatory School

Preparatory School is another great educational institution providing quality education in Islamabad. The school was established in early 1990. It is a co-educational English medium school. It is also known as PSI. It was initially started at an elementary and primary school with teaching personal consisted of 10 only.  However after good performance school and upgraded to Class V in 1996 and upgraded to 2002 for O-Level education. At present, over 600 students are getting education in the school with over 100 teaching and supporting staff. The building of the school is beautifully constructed and has capacious classrooms. It has vast playing areas that allow students to play and perform support activities. The Principal Mrs. Shabnam Ashraf is a highly qualified woman who is managing the educational and administrative matters rather smartly. A qualification from Montessori to O/A Level education is given here to the students. Contact information of the School is provided as:-

Phone No.+92-51-2822348 +92-51-2600880 +92-51-2276403
Address:-Block 18, Street 31 Diplomatic Enclave-II, Sector G-5 Islamabad.

Root School System

The root is internationally known quality educational institution.  Roots School System also is known as RSS is one of the foremost private sector educational institution of the 21st century. Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq who is a dedicated and determined teacher is the founder of this institution.  The first branch of the school was established on 10th April 1988 at 74 Harley Street Rawalpindi. There are more than 100 branches of the Roots School System nationwide by the time. The administration of the school has designed a unique system that provides students with a foundation of knowledge, abilities to achieve success. Roots School /College comes with an exceptional vision that Roots will develop its role for the progress of the country. They have planned to produce quality graduates in the next ten years that will help with the prosperity of the country. At present, graduate-level education is given which was limited for early classes at the time of start. The building of the school of every campus is unique and capacious that allows the students to get education in a comfortable environment. Furthermore, there is a playing area and a large ground included in the Roots School System at Islamabad. Detail has been given as under to get further information about the school:-

Contact No.0092 51 5788380-83
Find at FBRss.founder.director
Address:Flagship Campus Section A, 1st Avenue DHA Phase-I, Islamabad

 Headstart School

Head-start School was found during 1991 and established its first branch in Islamabad. The administration decided to expand the school system due to progress and to see the interest of the people. At present, 10 branches of Headstart School are providing quality education to the students in Islamabad. It is the only school that has 10 branches in Islamabad. Head of department Mrs. Naznin Murtaza reveals that when students show interest in getting education in the Headstart, they are being welcomed and given respect and acceptance that helps the children to move forward in their lives successfully. The building of the school is beautiful and the classrooms of the school have a comfortable environment to get an education. Provision of quality education is not only the purpose of the administration but the importance is given to extracurricular for the betterment of the students.  The teaching and as well as administrative staff of the school are very much supportive. Especially teachers are given training sessions to enhance teaching skills in order to deliver quality education to the students. Due to facilities being provided by the school, the Roots School System is the best school in the list of Top Best Schools in Islamabad. To get further information about the school please contact at the detail given below:-

Contact No.+92-51-5735473
AddressNajeeb Murtaza Road, Off Park Road, Near CDA/Park Enclave P.O Box 1531, Kuri Islamabad. 

The City School

The City School is another great educational institution having roots across the country. The first branch of the school was established in 1978. Due to the success and provision of quality education, the City School got famous and at present, there are 153 branches in the country in forty-nine (49) major cities of Pakistan. The administration is planning to introduce more branches in other cities to see the demand of the people. The vision of the school is very clear that they are intended to provide high-quality education to the children. The recent performance reveals that school has been doing a tremendous job for the betterment of the students and of course for the country. They pay special attention to the section of reading, writing, and listening skills. The teaching staff of the school is highly qualified and professional. The behavior of the staff with the student is matchless, which is especially required to make the children feel confident and strong to face the difficulties of life in the near future. Furthermore, the building of the school is well furnished. The school building has realistically good classrooms and the vast area is confined for the extra curriculum activities and to play sports.  It is the best school for early education and A-Level education. Want to know more about City School please contact as per the information given as under:

Contact No.+92 51 2228878-9
Fax No.+92 51 222894-4
AddressStreet No. 7 National Police Foundation, E-11/4, Islamabad.

Beaconhouse Shcool System

Beaconhouse School is ranked 6th in the list of the best schools in Islamabad. Beaconhouse School is an internationally recognized school. The school was started to provide early education to toddlers, however, with the passage of time it was extended worldwide due to the power of exceptional education.  The first campus came into being during 1975 which was consisted of 20 students and along-with 5 teaching staff. It is known at the international level now. It has branches in the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Oman, UAE, Pakistan and Belgium. At present, around 350,000 students are getting education from the school. The Chairperson of the Beaconhouse School System is Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri. She has been doing great for the betterment of the system. The aim of the landlord and administration is to provide high-quality education. It provides qualification from early years to matriculation. It provides opportunities for graduates to get an internship in the school. Beaconhouse has branches in the famous cities of Pakistan and established its branch in Islamabad during 2019. It has been facilitated with a library, equipped computer and science labs, playing area, swimming pool, etc. If you are looking for more information about the school please follow the contact detail given hereunder.

UAN+92 51 111 232 266
Contact No.+92 51 261 3869

Super Nova School

Super Nova School is the well-known school of the Islamabad offering primary, secondary, O/A Levels qualifications. In a short span of time since its commencement school has progressed belligerently. Super Nova School also known as SNS comes with aims offering quality education in a comfortable environment. The teaching personnel of the school is energetic, highly qualified, and committed. They pay special attention to groom the students. They are extraordinary in terms to groom the pupils according to the teaching of Islam, cultural, moral, and as well as ethical values.  The mission of the school is to establish an educational institution wherein the student not only excels in education but also develops personality and techniques so that productive members can be given to the society. The building of the school is outstanding, it has a play area, capacious classrooms, and fitness center as well. Tests are conducted by the school in the last days of every month. The parents are informed about the result and performance of their children. In short, Super Nova School has all facilities that are required for a good school.  It is a great thing for the residents of Islamabad that there are five branches of the school.  We recommend this school for your children due to the facilities available in the school. If you’re willing to send your children to Super Nova School please get information on the contact detail given below:-

UAN No.+92 51 111 767 333
Address16 Nazim-ud-Din Road, F-8/1, Islamabad.

Army Public School

Army Public school is a great invention in the history of education. It is owned and controlled by the Pakistan Army. There is the great importance of the Army Public school because high standard level education is given here. There is a branch of this school in most of the cities in Pakistan. It is the ambition of every other parent that their child may get an education from Army Public School. Education is given to the children on the technical subjects along with formal subjects. Great importance is given to information technology to meet the requirement of the world and makeable the children fight for the challenges they would face in the future. To develop Army Public Schools into a leading education system is the mission of the administration. At present, there are 164 branches of the school within the country in the major cities of Pakistan. Examinations are conducted every month to check and tackle the weaknesses of the students. Furthermore, the building is exceptional which is required for the children for a better educational environment. Get information regarding Best School in Lahore. I would like to suggest personally to the people to go for Army Public School if you are planning to select school for your children. A bright, confident, disciplined, and determined person will come out after studying 12 years of education in the Army Public School. Get more information about the school according to the detail given below:-

Contact No.+92 51 5147615
Fax No.+92 51 5147615
AddressSecretariat Block, Army Central Lbrary, Tameez-ud-Din Road, Rawalpindi.

Bloomfield International School

Bloomfield International School has become the choice of the parents who want to see the bright future of their children. Very, fortunately, this is not an expensive school. The fee charged by the school is nominal that is in reach of even low earning people, however, the quality of education is exceptional. It is noticed with great concern that the private schools have hidden charges that they don’t show to the parents at the time of admissions, however, after admissions, they are charged erroneously. Religious education is also given along with formal education. The qualification from playgroup to matriculation is given in the school. The administration of the school has established a well-equipped building for the school. The classrooms are brightened and capacious. Special swimming classes are also given to the student to make them physically strong to get ready for education. A special lecture is given to improve the writing and as well as speaking skills of the students. As per facilities available in the school and quality of education, the Bloomfield School is ranked 9th in the list of best private schools in Islamabad. Looking for admission in Bloomfield International School, get more information for future planning by contacting the school administration as per detail provided below:

Phone Number:+92 51 5957271
Address:-101, Street No.21 Korang Town, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Foundation Public School

It was established by the two friends who got their degrees in Educational Administration and American Montessori Training in the USA. They were committed to doing something special for the people of Pakistan in the field of education and due to their great concerned Foundation School came into being during 1981. The school was getting popularity among the people due to the high class education system and in response to that school is having 12 campuses in 12 major cities of Pakistan. With the passage of time, branches are likely to be opened in other cities of the country. 7500+ students are getting an education at presently. The motto of the school is “Knowledge is Power”. They believe that a strong parent-school partnership is essential for the betterment of the children, therefore they invite parents to work together so that children can get quality education in a comfortable zone. It is a great thing that they pay special attention on sports activities because they feel only a physically and mentally fit child can get achievements in the life. Parent’s teaching meeting is called every month to check the performance of the students and eradicate their mistakes. A special event is organized at the end of educational sessions to appreciate the efforts of the students. A mobile app has also been introduced by the administration to remain with the parents all the time. They are given awards and respect in front of dignified people. To know more about the school please use the following information:-


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