Clarification Regarding Notifications of Up-Gradation of Computer Personnel 14-12-2018


Finance Department, Government of Punjab has upgraded various posts of Computer Personal vide Notification No. FD.PC.40-43/207(E) Dated 14th December 2018. The notification was issued on the recommendations of the committee headed by Additional Chief Secretary, Punjab. After issuance of notification of up-gradation of Computer Operators, Data Entry Operators, Key Punch Operators, and Composer, numbers of queries have been raised by the different Departments regarding notification.

Finance Department, Government of Punjab has received various letters from the different departments of Punjab for clarifications regarding the up-gradation of Computer Personnel. In response to reply one by one, the Finance Department has issued collective clarification vide letter No. FD.PC.40-43/2017 dated 24th July 2019. The key points of the clarification are given as under:-

  1. The incumbents of similarly placed posts, not mentioned in the above-mentioned Notifications will also be entitled to up-gradation / re-structuring subject to clearance of the Finance Department.
  2. The revised prescribed qualification mentioned in Column “D” of the above-mentioned Notifications will be incorporated in the service rules for promotion/fresh recruitment against the already available posts. However, amendment in service rules is not required for grant of Time Scale Promotion in accordance in accordance with the said Notifications where on one tier is available.
  3. Re-structuring in accordance with the above said Notifications will be made in accordance with the existing prescribed qualification instead of possessed qualification.
  4. Where only one tier is available and which has been up=graded, the incumbent of such posts will also be entitled to Time Scale Promotion as detail in the above said Notifications, according to regular services after every 8 years.
  5. In case more than one tiers were available prior to issuance of Notifications dated
    14-12-2018, theses tiers would be restructured according to the said Notifications through amendment in the service rules and –restructured/up-graded posts would be filled by promotion or fresh recruitment as per revised prescribed qualifications mentioned in the above said Notifications.

As per clarification vide letter referred above, the departments and the heads of the institution may up-grade posts of the Computer Personnel. Clarification dated 24th July 2019 issued by the Finance Department, Government of Punjab regarding up-gradation of Computer Personnel has been provided below. You can download the clarification without any cost.



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