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Dubai Work Visa for Pakistani. Dubai is one of the favourite destinations especially for Pakistanis. Most importantly Dubai is not far from Pakistan. The UAE is the capital of Dubai. It is the most beautiful region in the Middle East. You may not find natural beauty, but the beauty of Dubai is hidden in the magnificent architecture. Dubai has beautiful collection buildings as well as many architectural structures. The sky-scraping beautiful buildings and well-built roads attracted Dubai. It is a popular tourist destination due to its many tourist attractions. Hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Dubai every year. Statistics show that during the year 2019, more than 14 million people from around the world visited Dubai. Dubai’s economy is multi-faceted and most of its revenue comes from tourism. That is why it is being called the best destination in the world. The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and a tourist attraction. People come here to enjoy their holidays, especially on holidays. Palm Jumeirah is another great destination in Dubai which is a planned island.

Dubai Work Visa for Pakistani:-

It has been noted that most of the developed countries prefer to hold their events in Dubai as the government of Dubai is providing all the facilities required for the events. That is why most of the leading companies are headquartered in Dubai. Educational institutions have also developed over time. Many of the world’s leading universities, especially from England / USA / Australia, have opened sub-campuses in Dubai. There are a large number of companies and organizations operating in Dubai, so there is a huge demand working people in Dubai. This is the reason multinational operating companies prefer to hire the services of Pakistani residents.

Hub of Business


Dubai has become a place of business over time. As mentioned earlier, most of the companies / organizations / firms are headquartered in Dubai. Therefore, company owners are always looking for hardworking, educated and professional people to recruit in their respective organizations. Hundreds of multinational companies and government departments, shopping malls, as well as educational institutions need staff to run their establishments smoothly. Statistics show that out of a total population of 9.2 million, more than 7.8 million are immigrants. Most immigrants are doing business in Dubai, so the demand for working class in Dubai is higher than in other Middle Eastern countries. That’s why people go to Dubai to get the right job according to their choice and education.

Dubai Work Visa

Dubai work visa is easily available for Pakistanis. Every year thousands of Pakistanis obtain visas for tourism, doing business and earning a living. If you are thinking of getting a Dubai work visa for Pakistani, check out this page as we are here to guide you on whether you need to get a residence permit and work permit. Work visa requirements for Dubai are not as difficult as in other Middle Eastern countries. Getting a work visa is a straightforward process.

Work Visa Requirement

If you are planning to go to Dubai, it is worth mentioning here that you need to find the visa options available for Pakistanis. At presently, the option of “Visa-on-Arrival” is not available for the citizens of Pakistan to enter in UAE. So you are recommended to must read Dubai work Visa requirements Pakistan before going to apply. The UAE government offers a short stay of 48 hours (which is free) and charges 50 dirhams for a 96 hour stay in the UAE. Visit visas are also issued by the government for 90 days, however no work is allowed while staying on a visit visa in Dubai. Therefore, if you want to work in Dubai, you have to follow on bellow mentioned options:-

Employment Visa: – The Government of Dubai offers employment visa. This type of visa permits Pakistani nationalist to work in emirate. Normally Dubai based companies offer Work Visa in order to fulfil their requirement of their respective company. It is pertinent to mention here that you should be wary of fraud in this matter as many cases of fraud have been reported in Pakistan due to Employment Work Visa of Dubai. The work visa offered by a recognized company of Dubai should be obtained.

Freelance Visa: If you are skilled and think that you can work freely in Dubai then this is a great opportunity for you as the government of Dubai offers freelance visa facility to Pakistanis. In such way you can work and live in Dubai independently. Some of Dubai’s leading multinational companies offer freelance work, especially in the field of media production and information technology. Freelancing visa is much better than employment visa because you can earn extra while working as a freelancer. The only difference between employment visa and freelance visa is that you are bound to work on employment visa but you can work freely with freelance visa.

Dependent Visa: – Dependent visa is for people whose spouse (parent / child) already has a Dubai resident visa. However, the spouse must prove that they are paying / receiving at least 4,000 AEDs per month and in case of sponsoring the parents, the sponsor must have a minimum income of at least 20,000 AED.

Student Visa: Students visa offered by the Government of Dubai is for those who want to get study in Dubai. There is no special requirement for a student visa in Dubai as you only need to be admitted to a government recognized educational institution. After getting admission in the educational institution, apply for work visa along-with admission letter. Normally, student’s visas are rejected by the Dubai.

Investor Visa: – Pakistani residents wishing to start a business in Dubai are eligible for investor visa. However, to apply for an investor visa you have to prove that you have a comprehensive investment plan. Check here how to start your own business in Dubai.

Property Owner Visa:- Property Owner Visas are specified for those who own property in Dubai. However, the terms and conditions of this type of visa are different from other visas. The visa issuing authority examines the visa application according to the applicant’s property.

It is the responsibility of the company (issuing the work visa) to meet the requirements of the visa issuing authority. The company has to complete the paperwork for Dubai Work Visa for Pakistanis as the applicant will not be able to get the visa in the absence of any required documents. However, you are advised to keep the following documents before applying for Dubai Work Visa for Pakistanis:-

  • Job placement offer letter has been issued by the company.
  • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) issued from National Database & Registration Authority (Click here to apply for NICOP).
  • The applicant should affix a protector stamp on the official passport before going to Dubai. You will have to visit office of Protectorate to order to affix stamp on your passport along-with following documents:-
    • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).
    • Two Copies of Passport.
    • Dubai Work Visa or Work Permit.
    • 02-Passport size photographs.
    • And some cash.
  • Educational documents duly attested by Higher Education Commission (HEC). Click here to get verified degree from HEC.
  •  Degrees will also be attested by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in UEA at the time of arrival in Dubai.
  • Physical fitness certified.
  • It is advised to keep a lot of passport size photographs with you as you will need them from time to time in Dubai

Visa Terms & Condition

  • Fees collected for the purpose of Dubai Work Visa for Pakistanis will not be refunded in case of visa rejection.
  • The applicant must have a valid passport for a period of at least six months.
  • Authorities may change the Dubai Work Visa Terms and Conditions from time to time.
  • For continue stay in Dubai, the applicant must follow the instructions / rules and regulations.

Visa Diplomatic Passport

  • An official holding a diplomatic passport will process his application for a Dubai work visa directly to the UAE Embassy through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan.
  • The purpose of entry should be clearly stated on the Dubai Work Visa Form.
  • To obtain a Dubai work visa for a Pakistani, the applicant must obtain a No Object Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authorities.

Things to Remember

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • Apply at the local embassy in your country.
  • Applicants must be 23 years of age on the date of application.
  • Applicants under the age of 23 will be accompanied by a parent or sibling.
  • The upper age limit for obtaining a Dubai visa is 70 years.
  • Applicants over the age of 70 need to be met by a family member.
  • Married couples under the age of 23 will not be allowed to enter Dubai.
  • A married girl under the age of 23 must provide a valid marriage certificate in English or Arabic.

Dubai Work Visa Online

A large number of applications for Dubai Work Visa for Pakistanis are reveiced . Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to deal with large quantities. To make the visa issuance process transparent, the Dubai government has recently decided to accept online applications. Now everyone who wants to get Visit Visa / Dubai Work Visa / Dubai Business Visa can apply online on the official website of UAE. If you want to apply for Dubai Work / Visit / Business Visa

How to Start an Application

  • You need to fill out the application form as per information being requisitioned.
  • You must scan copies of documents at the time of applying online
  • Upload the scan documents in the respective section.
  • Make payment of visa with debit/credit card or any other online source.  

    Dubai Visa Type & Fee

Visa TypeDurationFee
Tourist Visa30 Days105 USD
Tourist Visa Multiple Entry30 Days202 USD
Service Visa14 Days123 USD
Long Term Tourist Visa90 Days303 USD
Long Term Visa90 Days772 USD

Track Visa Application

If you have submitted application for Dubai Work Visa for Pakistani to UAE Embassy and don’t know status of application. Don’t be worried. We have solution for you. Provide your recipient No. and passport number to get status of your Dubai Work Visa Application. Click here for Status.   

Things to Do in Dubai

You are advised to keep in mind followings instructions while living in Dubai

  • You don’t need to learn Arabic language in order to live in Dubai. However, to know the basics of Arabic can be handy.
  • Your passport might be taken by the companies (in case of employee visa). But you must always has your identification card issued by Emirates authorities in your possession.
  • Don’t drive a car without driving license.

Furthermore, as we all know that Dubai is beautiful island. It has many beautiful places to visit and enjoy. Government and administration of the Dubai always found to welcome tourists around the world. Thousands of visitors arrive at Dubai every year for entertainment and to attend the events. If you are in Dubai doesn’t matter for what purpose, you must visit the following places to get entertained yourself:-

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Palm Island
  • Dubai Fountain.
  • Dubai Museum.
  • Dubai Creek
  • Ski Dubai
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Global Village Dubai.
  • Dubai Safari Park
  • Dubai Desert
  • And Dubai Shopping Mall
Dubai Work Visa for Pakistani

Work on Visit Visa

The question is in the mind of plenty of people that work is allowed while staying in Dubai on visit visa. The answer is no. The Dubai government has set strict rules and regulations and foreigners have to obey them. Failure to comply with the rules will result in imprisonment after court proceedings. You are in Dubai on a visit visa and are applying for a job. However, you cannot perform duties on a visitor visa. According to the rules and regulations, you have to re-enter Dubai. Dubai Work Visa for Pakistani:-

UAE Embassy Islamabad

Diplomatic Enclave Plot No.1-22,
Quid-e-Azam University Road,
G-5 Islamabad, Pakistan
Tell: +92-051-2099999

Regional Offices

Dubai Consulate Karachi
17-A Khayaban-e-Shamsheer,
Phase V, Defence Housing Authority (DHA),
Tell: +92-021-35810000-04

UAE Visa Application Center

Lahore Office
Prime Alliance Consultancy
Etihad Airways Office,
29/8-9 Tahir Center,
Empress Road, Lahore
Tel:      +92-323-4869944

Karachi Office
Prime Alliance Consultancy
Etihad Airways Office,
Office No. 9, 1st Floor,
Islamabad Stock Exchange Building Tower,
Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Tell: +92-323-4869955

Islamabad Office
Prime Alliance Consultancy
Etihad Airways Office,
Office No.309, the Forum,
Kehkashan Clifton, Karachi

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