How to Transfer Balance from Ufone to Ufone

How to Transfer Balance From Ufone to Ufone 2020

People are becoming dependent on their mobile phones to meet their communication needs. Today, the mobile phone is just more than a communication channel.  Telecom companies have made it possible for use mobile effectively by providing us a network. Network providers made it easy for their customers to make calls, SMS and internet access at reasonable rates. For providing more convenience, companies also offer incredible bundles and packages. But all you can avail all these by paying some amount of money from your mobile credit. To get most out of mobile services, we somehow depend on mobile credit. You must have the decent amount of credit before using the provided services.

Mobile credit is used to pay for telecommunication services whenever the service is consumed or used. If you don’t have sufficient balance then request will be denied by the network provider. You can top up mobile balance either by easy load or by card recharge. These are the common methods used by most of the users. But sometimes we run short of mobile credit and we cannot instantly load balance in our mobiles. So, what can we do if we are low on balance and have to make the urgent call or send SMS?? All telecom companies have provided the solution to this problem in name of the balance transfer. Now users can share their balance with friends on the same network.

 Like other network providers, Ufone has also introduced U-share for balance transfer. For the time being, U-Share is valid only for prepaid customers but Ufone is planning to offer this service to its postpaid customers also. Look at the details for how can you avail the services and what are charges.

How to share??

The process of U-Share is simple. With the easy two-step process, you can now transfer from one prepaid number to other prepaid numbers.

  • For balance share, you have to dial *828*Recipient Number*Amount#. For example: *828*0335xxxxxxx*50#.
  • Then you will be asked to enter 1 through command prompt. Reply with 1 to share the desired amount of money to recipient number.

You can also dial just *828# then through command prompt you have to enter receiver number, transferrable money and confirm with 1 step by step for the successful transaction.

Terms & Conditions

  • According to new terms, you can avail the U-Share offer only if you have consumed the balance of more than Rs 150.
  • The maximum amount of transaction you will be able to do in a day is 4.
  • The maximum amount of Rs 200 can be transferred as U-Share and the minimum is Rs 10.
  • For transferring the credit of Rs 10 to Rs 200 Rs 3.99 plus tax will be charged as service charges.
  • An additional of 0.84% will be charged for all packages or services in Islamabad, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, and AJK.
  • If you want to transfer more than Rs 200 then you have to initiate another transaction as only Rs 200 is the maximum limit of a single transaction.
  • You will be charged Rs 2.5 + tax as dialing rates of the code. This price is already included in above-mentioned rates.
  • The offer is valid from pre to pre numbers.
  • B-Party subscriber validity period will not be affected by the U-Share balance.
  • The receiver has to use the transferred balance before expiration or before the end of validity date.
  • FED charges will apply on recharge and bill on the regional basis. 18.5% will be applied in FATA, AJK, Gilgit-Baltistan and Islamabad and 19.5% in other areas.

Don’t worry if you run out of balance because now you can transfer the balance from prepaid to other prepaid numbers with U-Share anywhere and anytime. This offer allows you to stay connected with friends and family no matter what.


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