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Kashmir Day in Pakistan 2020

Kashmir Day or Kashmir Solidarity Day is a public holiday in Pakistan and Kashmir on February 5 each year. It has been observed as a national holiday in Pakistan since 1990 as a day of objection against Indian control of part of Kashmir. The day often scripts fighting in Indian-administered Kashmir. This Day is dedicated to supporting the people of Kashmir and identifying the freedom struggles in part of the region. It is an internationally recognized day observed by the whole world, predominantly by Kashmiris. It is one of the major problems between Pakistan and India since creation of Pakistan. Three wars have been the history to this issue. The people of Kashmir demands separate country from Indians but this problem is not going to solve by any mean. All the Government offices, banks, and educational institutions remain closed on this day.


The call to observe this day was first given by Ameer of Jamaat-i-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed and it was recognized by then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and then chief minister of Punjab Nawaz Sharif. It was first time observed in 1990 by Nawaz Sharif who was Chief Minister of Punjab at that time. He appealed for a nationwide strike to remonstration against the Indian occupation of Kashmir. The Pakistan People’s Party then declared February 5 as a public holiday and Kashmir Day and since it has been observed every year.

Events on Kashmir Day:

On this day special prayers held in mosques for the liberation of Kashmir from India. Many political and religious parties Planned for Demonstrations, rallies, conferences and seminars where politicians, heads of religious organizations, and leaders address the crowds in order to support the Kashmiri freedom movement. These leaders and spokespeople also inventive a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir matter. Many of the Long marches, and rallies supported by political organizations, religious parties and other organizations are held. Educational organizations arrange debate competitions where students express their views and ideas for resolving Kashmir issues.


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