Labour Day in Pakistan 2018


Labor Day also referred to as May Day annually held on May 1 is a public holiday in Pakistan. They celebrate workers’ attainments in many countries including in Pakistan. There is always a holiday in Pakistan at the private and government level. Rights for laborers are demanded in these functions, seminars, rallies, and processions. It is promised that the laborers will have equal rights. The whole day passes in these claims, slogans, and promises. No doubt laborers are the real backbone of every society.


It was first devised in 1972, as Labour Day for the creation of the Social Security Network and worker welfare funds for the laborers. After its independence in 1947 Pakistan became a member of the International Labour Organization.


In Pakistan all labor unions organize seminars, rallies, parades, and leaders deliver speeches to highlight the history of Labor Day and its significance. Pakistan is a developing country but the current situation has improved compared to previous times. Special programs arranged on Radio and Television on this day to create awareness about the work of labors.

Public Life:

All organizations, factories, and educational institutions in Pakistan remain closed on this Day. Public transport may be less frequent on this Day. The major streets and roads are being blocked to accommodate Labor Day parades and processions. The traffic system is also caused for this purpose.


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