Laura Loomer Handcuffed Herself in Front of Twitters’ New York Headquarter


Far-Right activist namely Laura Loomer handcuffed herself while protesting in front of the Headquarters of social media on Thursday at 03:45 PM. She was wearing a yellow star as many European people do during a protest.

One of the famous social media site, Twitter had blocked Twitter’s account of Laura Loomer due to criticizing Minnesota Re. Elect IIhan Omar. In response, the Administrative team of Twitter banned account one week ago. It was reported by the people that Laura shouted at the staff of Twitter Headquarter. She invited the intention of the people wondering nearby to her by saying that you people don’t know the real story behind blocking my account.

During the protest at the headquarter, Twitter issued a statement which is as “We have notified relevant authorities who are responding. Her account has been blocked due to the violation of the policies of Twitter.

Laura Loomer who’s complete name is Laura Loomer was born on 21st May 1993 in New York. She is American Political activists and knowing as an internet personality. She had been doing reporting for the Rebel Media during the year 2017. She belongs to Republican Political Party of America.

She further added that the Chief Executives of the social websites such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey make millions of the people silenced by blocking their accounts. She will continue her protest till the rehabilitation of the Twitter’s account, Loomer Said.


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