Mobilink Jazz Call Packages | Jazz Daily, Weekly & Monthly Call Packages 2019


The means we communicate with each other has changed in significant ways since the invention of mobile phones. The cell phone has become the central part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine our life without it.  From sending a text to using social apps, you can do it through it.  Mobile phones are considered as lifelines. In moving from landlines to smartphones, technology has played a significant role. It’s the technology we can connect with our friends and family who are at a far distance. With the advancement in technology, different cellular companies are introduced in the telecom industry.

Currently, there are six network providers are working in Pakistan. They provide different services to their customers include calling (both national and international), SMS and internet services. With several options, people often got confused while choosing the best network for them. What are the primary expectations of customers from a network provider??  The answer is Reasonable rates, high-quality services, and uninterrupted internet. Almost all the telecom companies provide equal level services, what make them distinctive are rates and coverage. If you have got these two things to offer it to clients, it can enhance your consumer’s circle.

When we talk about quality services, Jazz is known best for this. Especially when it comes to calling packages, Jazz has all that needs to make a calling bundle extraordinary. All Jazz call packages come with cheap and affordable rates with high voice quality. Through these plans will get you connected straight way without any additional or extra charges. Jazz call bundles will give you the opportunity to make most out of your calls on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. Jazz calling offers are mostly hybrid as it provides all service packed in one bundle. Moreover, Jazz has introduced calling packages for its prepaid customers as well as for postpaid. To subscribe to any of the daily, weekly or monthly calling bundles, have a look at the details of these packages.

Jazz Daily Call Packages:

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceActivation
Lambi Baat OfferUnlimited Calls after
charging 3 minutes call
Free after 03 minutes call
Activate Now
Super Daily Bundle250 Warid + Jazz Minutes Rs.14 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Punjab Offer100 Jazz & Warid Minutes
Rs.7.20 Incl. Tax
Activate Now
Day Bundle OfferUnlimited On-Net Minutes
150 SMS
20 MBs
Rs.10 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Super FnF OfferFree calls on FnF Numbers Rs.10 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Karachi Daily HybridUnlimited Calls to On-Net
Unlimited Calls to Off-Net
Unlimited SMS
100 MBS
Rs.9.99 Incl. TaxActivate Now
3 Day Bundle500 On-Net minutes Rs.36 Incl. TaxActivate Now
50 Paisa Har 30 Second 50 Paisa per 30 Second 50 Paisa Per 30/SActivate Now
Har Din Bundle500 Jazz to Jazz Minutes
50 MBs Intenet
Rs.21 Incl. Tax
Apna Shehar OfferUnlimited Jazz to Jazz Calls
1000 SMS
100 Mbs
Rs.9.99 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Sindh Bhar Daily Offer200 Warid + Jazz MinutesRs.7 Incl. TaxActivate Now
New Sim Daily Offer1500 On-Net Minutes
1500 SMS
1500 MBs
Purchase of new sim
Activate Now
Super Advance Offer--Activate Now
Super Advance Offer--Activate Now
Daily LBC Karachi OfferUnlimited Jazz to Jazz Minutes
100 MBs Internet
Rs.9.99 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Super Gold Advance --Activate Now

Jazz daily call bundles are specifically designed for those customers who want to enjoy their talk time at lowest possible rates.  With daily call packages, you will be able to make the call at any time of the day. These plans provide you more ease and convenience regarding charges and offer more flexibility. How many times have you think about making the call to someone but stopped because of high calling rates?? Surely most of the times! Weekly and Monthly call packages are not suitable for many people as they do not feel the need of calling very often. So, in this case, daily call packages are the best option.

By subscribing to Jazz daily call packages, you will be able to enjoy unlimited talk time from Jazz to Jazz. All the bundles are valid only for prepaid customers of Jazz. You will get extra benefits of SMS and data Mbs with some of these bundles. You will have all these benefits for 24 hours after subscription. Off-net calls are not entertained in the daily call offers. Zong has also offered a 3-day bundle which can also be considered in the list of daily call offers. Want to subscribe to Jazz daily call packages, choose the desired bundle from given list and get complete detail of the calling plans.

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

Reduce your weekly stress with Jazz weekly call packages. With a busier routine make sure to take out some time and make a call to your loved ones. But making calls is not easy with high charges. People who do not find time for making calls on the daily basis need a plan through which they can meet their calling requirements at the weekend without spending much. For this, Jazz weekly call packages can surely help them. You can enjoy your free time on weekends without breaking your budget with weekly call packages. These bundles will allow you to have benefits like monthly packages and pay as low as daily packages.

Jazz has introduced its weekly packages for those who love making calls, especially on weekends. “Jazz Haftawar Hybrid offer” and “Jazz weekly all network package” comes under the category of weekly calling bundles. With the hybrid offer, you will get the opportunity to enjoy all services by subscribing to a single package. By subscribing to all network offer, you will be able to make calls to both off-net and on-net friends.  These packages are valid for a week and only for postpaid customers. Get the complete detail of both packages below.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceActivation
Weekly Gold Plus1000 On-Net Minutes
25 Off-Net Minutes
1000 SMS
1000 MBs
Rs.150 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Haftawar Offer700 On-Net Minutes
400 SMS
700 Mbs
Rs.70 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Supreme Hybrid 1000 On-Net Minutes
100 Off-Net Minutes
1000 SMS
100 MBs
Rs.299 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Haftawaar All Round Offer700 On-Net Minutes
50 Off-Net Minutes
250 MBs
Rs.84 Incl. TaxActivate Now

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

We cannot count how many times we feel the need to make a call in a month. It’s unlimited, and the charges for making these calls can be very high if we don’t use a suitable package according to our needs.  To reduce your monthly cost and to get unlimited minutes for a whole month then monthly call packages are an ideal way. Monthly call packages are essential when you need to make calls very often.  By paying once you can enjoy access to unlimited talk time with many other benefits. Subscribe to any of these packages, and you will get unlimited free minutes, free SMS and unlimited data Mbs to access the internet.

From Monthly hybrid bundle to Jazz gold month offer jazz has offered different monthly call packages. These offers are available only for prepaid customers of Jazz. The plans will remain valid for a whole month and will expire at 30th day or on consumption of allocated bundles. All monthly call packages of Zong are hybrid. With unlimited Jazz to Jazz minutes, you will also get unlimited SMS on all local networks and free web surfing for 30 days. Get the vital detail of these packages below.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceActivation
All Round Offer200 On-Net & Off-Net Minutes
200 SMS
5000 MBs
Rs.499 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Monthly Gold OfferRs.70 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Super Duper Monthly1200 On-Net Minutes
100 Other Network
1000 SMS
1000 MBs
Rs.380 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Monthly All Network1200 On-Net Minutes
200 Off-Net Minutes
1200 SMS
1000 MB Internet
Rs.380 Incl. TaxActivate Now

Jazz all call packages gives you the benefit to get unlimited free minutes at an affordable price. With these bundles, you will get all you need without paying much. So don’t wait and subscribe to the package according to your needs and desires.


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