Notification of Directory Retirement Punjab Govt. Employees 2021

It is intimated that the Government of the Punjab, Services & General Administration Department (S&GAD) has issued a notification regarding upgradation of Punjab Civil Servant (Directory Retirement from Service) Rules, 2021. After issuance of the said notification the service rules have been amended regarding the retirement of the employees working in government institutions of the Punjab.

Composition of retirement board has been upgraded. There shall be a retirement board, comprising various boards to recommend to the competent authority directory retirement from service in respect of a civil servant in BPS-19 and above, except a civil servant in BPS-19 in the Health & Education Departments. The various boards have been constituted for retirement of the employees having BPS-16 to BPS-19. The concerned board shall furnish recommendations to the competent authorities in order to decide the retirements of the employees.

Grounds for Retirement:-


No civil servant shall be recommended to directory retirement under the rules unless any one or more of the following conditions are fulfilled:-

  1. He has earned average performance evaluation reports (PERs) or adverse remarks have been recorded in three or more PERs from three different officers for a period not less then
  2. He has been twice recommended of supersession for the provincial selection Board-I (PSB-I). Provincial Selection Board-II (PSB-II), Provincial Selection Board-III (PSB-III) or Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC). The case may be or twice not recommended for promotion by the Provincial Selection Bards and such recommendations have been approved by the appointing authority. Download Directory Retirement Notification Government of the Punjab below.
  3. He has been found guilty of corruption or has notified into plea bargain or voluntary found with National Accountability Bureau or any other investigating agency or
  4. He has conduct unbecoming.

Promotion for Directory:

Each Department or attached department shall maintain a list of Civil servants who have been completed service specified in clause (i) of sub-section (1) of section 12 of the Act along with complete service record.

  1. A review of the performance of all Civil Servants by the respect retirement board and retirement committees shall be conducted upon completion of service specified in Sub rule (1).
  2. Subsequent to the mandatory review upon completion of service under sub-rule (1) and prior to retirement at the age of superannuation, the secretary or head of the Department or attached department concerned to the determined that grounds for directory retirement as specified in rule 5 have become applicable.
  3. While referring cases to the retirement board or retirement committees either by mandatory review after service specified in the Sub-rule (1) or any subsequent provision of relevant record, including complete facts, supporting documentary evidence, if any, only authenticated service record, as wet as such other record as may be considered relevant.
  4. The retirement board or retirement committees shall examine the referred cases and may recommend to the competent authority subject to giving specified reasons in writing, directory retirement of a civil Servant.
  5. If the competent authority after examining the recommendations of the retirement board or retirement committees and other record placed it, agrees with the recommendations for directory retirement of a civil servant, he shall issue a show cause notice to the civil servant concerned informing him of the grounds on which it is proposed to make the direction for directory retirement board and shall provide him the opportunity of personal hearing, if so requested by the Civil Servant concerned, provided that in cases where the Chief Minister is the Competent authority, he may, on his behalf, designate an offer in BS-20 or above for granting personal hearing to the Civil Servant.
  6. On the receipt of reply of the Civil Servant and after giving him the opportunity of personal hearing, if any, where the competent authority is satisfied that further __in service of the civil servant is not in the public interest, they competent authority.
  7. A Civil servant against whom an order for directory retirement is passed by the competent authority shall be eligible for pension or other retirement benefits the competent authority may, in the public interest direct.
  8. Right of appeal or review: A civil servant against whom an order for directory retirement is passed by the competent authority shall have the right of appeal to the authority next above the competent authority or to the Chief Minister in case of review.

The copy of the issued notification has been forwarded to various department in order to comply with the terms and conditions have been mentioned in the said notification of Directory Retirement Boards. You can download the said notification as has been provided as under:-


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