Notification of Regularization Policy 2021 for Daily Wage Employees Punjab


Good news for the daily wager employees, work charge employees and contingent paid staff working the different departments, autonomous bodies, and organizations across the province of Punjab. Services & General Administration Department (S&GAD), Government of the Punjab has formulated and issued a notification regarding Regularization services of temporary employees working in their respective departments. On a summary initiated by the Services & General Administration Department, (Regulation Wing) approved by the Provincial Cabinet, Government of the Punjab has issued policy guidelines for work-charged employees, daily wagers & contingent paid staff as per following detail. Click here for all notification issued by the Punjab Government.

As regards management of the work-charged employees, daily wagers and contingent paid staff employees currently working with various departments, following policy provisions are laid down:-

  1. The cases where services of work-charged, daily wage and contingent paid employees have already been regularized as civil servants through wrong interpretation of court judgements may be reconsidered in the light of relevant laws under which such judgements were passed. As the matter involves interpretation of court rulings, the opinion from the law & Parliamentary Affairs Department would be obtained in each such case. If after proper scrutiny of the case, it transpires that the regularization of work charged services as servant was not warranted by Court decision/orders, fresh orders shall be issued strictly in accordance with the terms decided by Courts.
  2. The cases already decided by the Higher Courts or Labour Courts which have attained finality shall be disposed of accordingly.
  3. All those employees who have completed 09 months or more may be considered for status of permanent workmen in terms of Industrial & Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1968. They shall be entitled to all the rights and benefits or permanent workmen.
  4. The work-charged, contingent paid and daily wage workers who possess requisite skill sets / qualification may be considered for the status of permanent workmen. However, where no hiring criteria have been formulated, they may be named in the first instance.  
  5. Thereafter, the cases of the work-charged employees who have completed 09 months as such may be considered on case to case basis keeping in view requisite skill set / qualification.
  6. Cases of work-charged employees may be initiated for consideration after confirmation through departmental scrutiny. Each Administrative Department concerned shall constitute scrutiny Committee to consider the cases of their work-charged, daily wage and contingent paid employees as per these policy guidelines.
  7. If a person does not have the requisite skill set / qualification for a particular job / task, he may not be recommended for permanent status of workman. However, he/she may continue on work-charged basis till the completion of the specific work.
  8. In future, work-charged establishment meant for specific work(s) on the development side, may be hired for not more than 90 days, following which they may not be granted extension beyond 90 days and may be relieved forthwith.
  9. The hiring authorities not relieving the work-charged personnel beyond stipulated time of 90 days shall be liable for overpayment to and overstay of the personnel, in addition to disciplinary action against them.
  10. In case of extreme necessity, the extension to work-charged employees shall be made through speaking orders containing reasonable justification after obtaining approval. Such approval shall be accorded by the authority next higher to the hiring authority before the expiry of 90 days period of their first hiring, provided that extension to work-charged hiring shall not be made in any case for more than two times.
  11. Administrative Departments shall safeguard the government interest in the courts where litigation of work-charged, daily wage and contingent paid staff employees shall be made sparingly and only in the case of genuine and dire needs. In the process of hiring, the concept of equal job opportunity for all citizens and transparency shall be ensured.
  12. The departments may also consider outsourcing of such services to reduce burden on the public exchequer.
  13. The wages of work-changed, contingent paid and daily wage employees after assuming the status of permanent workmen shall be determined in consultation with the Finance Department.

For further guidelines and instructions please download the Notification has been provided below the article. If you have any question regarding the Notification of Regularization Policy 2021 for contingent paid staff, daily wager and work charge, leave a comment below in the commenting sections, our team will guide you accordingly.



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