Pakistan Day 23rd March, 2020
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Pakistan Day, 23 March 2020

Pakistan Day is a public holiday celebrated on 23rd March in Pakistan each year. Pakistan Day memorializes the ‘Lahore Resolution’ of 1940, also known as the ‘Pakistan Resolution’ that eventually led to the creation of Pakistan. It is a public holiday in all government offices, banks and private sectors of Pakistan.

History of Pakistan Day:

The word “Pakistan” was never used before the Lahore Resolution, so it is considered as a major milestone in the Muslim fight for an independent state Pakistan. The Lahore resolution was passed as an independent state for Muslims on 23 March 1940. The resolution had been drafted by the Muslim League, which paved the way for the creation of Pakistan when Pakistan became the world’s first Islamic state.

According to Two-Nation theory, Hindus and Muslims were from two different nations and their culture, tradition, religion, and language were totally different from each other. Both nations (Hindus and Muslims) shared mutually controverting beliefs. Therefore, a self-governing state consisting of Muslim majority areas was demanded in order to protect Muslim’s social and cultural rights. In 1930, Muhammad Iqbal, a philosopher, put forward the idea of a separate nation for Muslims. Then Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947, from British rule. The first constitution was implemented on March 23, 1956, nine years after Pakistan’s creation.


Pakistan Day festivals, national songs, and debate competitions are held in the different government institutions whole day. Special prayers are offered in mosques for peace and prosperity of Pakistan. The holiday celebrations start from early morning by military and civilian parades in Islamabad with gun salutes in Islamabad. Later in the day, the President of the country deliberates national awards and medals Premiership. Government offices, banks, post offices, educational institutions, and businesses will be closed. A 31-gun salute in Islamabad and a 21-gun salute in provincial capitals are fired on this day.

The main celebration of Pakistan Day is a parade at Structure Avenue in Islamabad. The award ceremony is organized where the president gives military awards to diagnosed recipients on the achievements of Pakistan. On this special day all private / government offices, markets, and business points remain closed. Public transport is less available on this day and may be completely unavailable on certain routes. Many people visit on Pakistan Day to celebrate Pakistan day, so traffic blocking is common in big cities.


Minar-e-Pakistan is a minaret in Iqbal Park Lahore, Pakistan. It was built to honor the Lahore Resolution. The minaret is built on the same place where the Lahore Resolution was passed.


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