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SA Garden Housing Society Lahore payment plan, location and other information is available on this post. A residence equipped with necessary facilities is the fundamental right of every living being. House is considered most important component of the life because it provides shelter, safety, warmth and of course a place to rest. In addition to that, house plays essential role in the economics of the country. It has been noticed that the world is upgrading living style rabidly by the time. The concept of housing society is referred to building structure complying with requirements of laws, regulations and necessities where a family resides. In the developing countries the concept of housing societies progressed. Having seen the developed countries, the concept of construction of housing societies has also arisen in Pakistan. We are witnessed with the passage of time construction of housing societies increased intensively in the country.

We can see several housing societies in the big cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Multan, Islamabad and obviously Lahore but there is no match of SA Garden Housing Society Lahore. The City Lahore was confined to its boundaries but it has been expanded all around today. There are plenty of housing societies can be found in Lahore but which is the best society is the question we are here to answer. The housing society equipped with all fundamental requirements is available in Lahore. We are talking about SA Garden Housing Society Lahore.

SA Garden Housing Society Lahore:

SA Garden is one of the exceptional project of SA Group. It is a 40 million square feet residential project which is situated at nearby GC University, Lahore, Kala Shah Kaku. It is the 3rd largest housing society of Pakistan and connected with Lahore Interchange, Sialkot Motorway, Islamabad Motorway and Karachi Motorway. It has not been constructed in the congested Lahore but away from rush areas. To approach SA garden is very much easy through Ring Road and Grand Trunk (G.T) Road via motorway. It is named new Lahore due to its lush green gardens, breathtaking infrastructure, construction of markets, Zoo etc. Initially SA Garden was consisted of phase-I which has now fully been developed & hundreds of house have already been constructed and people are living and enjoying with the facilities being provided by SA Group.



The SA Garden Housing Society Lahore initially was consisted of phase-I and Phase-I is now fully developed and possession of plots to the concerned owner has been done. Hundreds of families are already residing and others who have purchased properties in Phase-I are planning to build residency. The detail of blocks in Phase-I of SA Garden is as under:-

  1. Arslan Block
  2. Kamran Block
  3. Charagh Block
  4. Shoaib Block
  5. Faisal Block
  6. Tahir Block
  7. Sher Zaman Block
  8. Abid Block
  9. Badar Block
  10. Sher Afghan Block
  11. Premium Block


The people showed their interest to buy properties in the SA Garden Housing Society Lahore and soon after all available residential plots as well as commercial plots have been sold out and there was no space left in the first phase of SA Garden. Having been seen the interest of people SA Group decided to expand SA Garden and SA Garden Phase-II began. Phase-II consist of following blocks:-

  1. Kamran Block
  2. Sohail Block
  3. Arsalan Block

There are residential as well as commercial plot available in SA Garden Housing Society Lahore measuring from 3 Marla to 10 Marla. The best thing about SA Garden is that the plots are available at very cheap prices as compare to other societies in Lahore. Even a low earning people can also buy their own residence in the society.  It is great society from every aspect and available in very affordable societies which has lush green gardens, mosque, markets, a beautiful entrance, kid playing area, shopping mall, wide roads and everything you need.


The administration of SA Garden Housing Society Lahore decided to bring something outstanding and in response to that they have built Premium Block. This block is especially been designed for the people who want to enjoy luxury life. Luxuries facilities have been provided in the SA Garden Premium Block. Moreover, Premium Block is very much near to main gate of the society, therefore it is easy to access premium block. The prices of the plots in the premium block are slightly on higher side, however, when you visit premium block you will surely want to have plot in the that block due to having unique qualities in it.  


SA Garden recently has also started a project with the name of SA Garden Homes. The administration itself constructs homes and sale them on net payment and on installment also. The house is built on the area of 5-Marla. The house is constructed according the standard living in a luxury lifestyle with all necessary facilities. It is great opportunity especially for low-income people to have their own residence in the SA Garden. 5 Marla built is house is available in the Society on very easy installment plan. The house being built by SA group has been planned to design according to the state of art. All facilities will be available in the house including clean drinking water, organized sewerage system, capacious rooms, TV lodge etc. The plan designed by SA Garden of 5 Marla built house is mentioned as under:-

SA Garden Housing Society Lahore latest detail


People are found worried that most the administrations claim their societies has been approved from Lahore Development Authorities (LDA) or concerned authorities but thereafter come to know that approval is pending. However, it is hereby confirmed that SA Garden Housing Society Lahore has been fully approved by the Lahore Development Authority / concerned authorities. SA Garden can by bought on cash as well as on installment. In case of cash payment you get 10% discount. Most of the people prefer to buy plot on installment in SA garden. When I was writing about SA Garden came to know that people are searching for SA Garden installment plans. Detail of prices of residential / commercial properties are given as under:-


Size of Plot Full Price Down Payment Installment Plan (60) Balloting 10% on 36th Instalment
3 Marla 690,000 172,000 7,500 69,000
4 Marla 920,000 230,000 9,967 92,000
5 Marla 1,150,000 287,500 12,458 115,000
6 Marla 1,380,000 345,000 14,950 138,000
8 Marla 1,840,000 460,000 19,933 184,000
10 Marla 2,300,00 575,000 24,917 230,000


Size of Plot Full Price Down Payment Installment Plan (60)
2 Marla 5,400,000 1,890,000 1,170,000
4 Marla 10,400,000 3,640,000 2,253,334
4 Marla MB 11,440,000 4,004,000 2,478,667


I frequently write about societies but as far as SA Garden Housing Society Lahore is concerned it is best society I ever have seen. The features of the society are remarkable. Some of the features have been mentioned below in detail:-

Beautiful Entrance: Entrance to SA Garden is attractive. Long front having beautiful main gate provide charming look.   
Design & Architecture:- SA Garden has beautifully been designed. The blocks of the society have equally been divided. The category of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 Marla symmetrized according to the requirements.
Centrally Located Mosques:- Beautifully mosque has been constructed in every block of the SA Garden in the phase-I. And place has been reserved for Mosque in newly established Phase-II.
Transport Facilities: Luxury transport facility has been managed by the administration for 24/7 in the Society to make people travel with comfort.
Parks: Lush green parks equipped with beautiful plants have been constructed.
Security System: In view of the security risk, security persons have been deployed to avoid any unwanted incident. 
Land Ownership: There is no file system in the society. Original plots are being transferred / purchased.
Shopping Mall: Shopping  malls are constructed equipped with all necessary / required items from A to Z.
Water Filtration Plant: There is shortage of availability of drinking water in the city. To keep in view of the requirement of the people to have clean drinking water, water filtration plants have been implanted. 
Schools: To get quality education is the fundamental right of every person. Therefore, schools providing quality education have been established in the town.
Modern Sports Complex: Sports complex specially been constructed to perform sports activities.
Gym & Fitness Center: Gym and fitness center are also part of the SA Garden Housing Society.
Electricity & Sui Gas: SA Garden Housing Society Lahore is having great electricity system and facility of Sui Gas is also available in the society.
Kid Playing Area Children playing area is also available in the society.


As we have written above in favour of SA Garden Housing Society Lahore despite of that some of the people still need pictorial evidence to see the development of the society. So don’t go away because we have been provided not only pictures of the society but also a video showing the house already constructed and features we have discussed above:-



SA Garden Housing Society Lahore is located opposite to Main Grant Trunk (G.T) Road nearby Kala Shah Kaku which is 30 minute drive from Main Lahore. A famous restaurant “Pind Restaurant” is near to main gate following by McDonalds. SA Garden can easily be found on Google Map. However, for the facility of our customer we have provided Google Map below:-


We have provided information as according to our best knowledge. The SA Garden Housing Society Lahore is best society in the Lahore. The prices of the properties are very much affordable. Facilities being provided by the SA group are tremendous. In short, if you are planning to buy plot on installment / net payment, SA Garden is unique Society. Plots are available on five (05) year’s installment plan along-with 10% down payment. Therefore, it is recommended to buy properties in the SA Garden.


Phone No. 042-111-724-786
Email Address:
Address: G.T Road, Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore


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