Telenor Talkshawk Good Time Call Offer

Telenor Talkshawk Good Time Call Offer 2020

Telenor is a friendly network and cares about its customers. Like other call packages, the good time offer is also an economic package that can serve user at low prices. The company offers the astonishing packages for its customers to enjoy the unlimited calls. It also gives SMS and internet 2G and 3G packages to the customer so that to stay in connection with friends by every mean. The Telenor good times offer is for the user having the simple phone or smartphones. As free Mbs for the internet is also provided to the user to enjoy the Facebook and stay connected with the people present anywhere in the world. Following details are offered in Telenor good times offer this includes

To get this offer dial *345*20# and the user will get unlimited minutes for two hours in any time a day except from 6 am to 9 pm. The charges applied for this purpose are Rs 5 plus tax. The package is valid for one day. All Telenor customers having Talkshawk package can utilize this offer. Once the customer gets connected with this offer the package is limited to two hours and expires after two hours when the user starts calling.

Telenor Sat Sat Sat Offer:

Telenor is continuously introducing new packages for its user. These amazing and excellent offers attract the customers so that user can enjoy the unlimited calls SMS and MBs for the internet. Sat p sat offer as the name indicate the unlimited calls range from 7 Am to 7 pm . in order to subscribe this offer the user has to dial *5*727# at RS. 9 plus tax. As the user gets this package the unlimited calls are provided to the user.

Telenor Din Bhar Offer:

Telenor din bhar offer is another incredible offer provided by the company. To utilize this offer the user has to dial *345*006#. The user has to pay rs10 including tax. The user can get unlimited calls from 6 Am to 6 pm. The subscriber also gets 6 Mb for the internet usage.
This is an excellent package for those having simple mobiles as well as for smartphone user. The Telenor cares for its user so to utilize its services the user has to follow different terms and conditions given by the company to enjoy amazing offers.

Telenor Full Day Offer:


Telenor full day offer is also a good offer which the user can enjoy and stay in touch with their loved ones. In just Rs 12 the user can enjoy unlimited calls and enjoy whole day taking to the friends and the family members. Dial *5*250# to get this wonderful offer.  The user also gets 50 MB for the internet usage.

Telenor Super Hit Offer:

Telenor super hit offer is availed by dialing *345*011#. The user can get this offer in Rs 15 plus. This incredible offer provides the user unlimited calls. The subscriber can enjoy the offer for the whole day except 7 pm to 10 pm. Dial *345*299# to get an amazing 3 day super hit offer. The charges apply for this subscription is 34 Rs plus tax. The user can enjoy the number of minutes to get connected with their fellows. There is also a time limit on the offer for three days except for 7 pm to 10 pm.

Telenor Haftawar Chapper Phar Offer:

Haftawar chappar phar offer is another amazing offer given by the company. In this package, the user can enjoy 700 minutes on weekdays and additional minutes are given in Friday Saturday and Sunday. The subscriber not only gets the free minutes but the gift of 700mb is also given to the user to avail the social networks and stay connected.

Terms & Conditions:

In order to subscribe any offer, the user has to follow following terms and conditions so that he can enjoy while using this subscription without any trouble.

  • All the customers with Telenor sim can enjoy this package.
  • As per rules of the company. The organization can change its policy at any time.
  • The company can withdraw this package anytime.
  • 5% tax is applied on every recharge.
  • As the call start, 5 paisa tax will be deducted.
  • In the federal territory,84% extra tax is applied.
  • As the Telenor, good times offer package get expire after two hours automatically the user can re-subscribe more than one time in a day to enjoy the unlimited minutes and Facebook through this package.


It is the duty of the customer to use the sim and any package according to the rules and laws. He must not use for any illegal purpose. The sim is the personal identity so it is important to use the biometrically identified sim to get connected with the loved ones. So the user can subscribe to the wonderful offer and can enjoy unlimited calls, as well as the internet provided, helps the person to get connected with the fellows present on the Facebook and give an update on their latest activities.


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