Top Private Colleges in Karachi 2021


Choosing a college after matriculation can be a tough ask. Whether you want to study pre-engineering, pre-medical, or commerce, a good educational institution can help you to get your goals. The first thing to bring in consideration is whether you want to get admission in the government college or a private. Government colleges have their own benefits however on the other side private colleges have preference over government institutions for a number of reasons. Making the decision regarding the selection of college has much importance because a good decision in the life takes you towards success. So it is strongly recommended to consult your elders and teachers before going to make a decision. Check here to best school in Islamabad.

Let’s discuss some parameters and aspects which you should take into concern while taking the final decision. The less crowded environment is the plus point of a private college. You will get the proper attention and time of the teacher; you will not be lost in the mob of students. You will get a small classroom with a small strength as opposed to the government college with a hall like a classroom consisting of hundreds of students. Private college usually provides an academic adviser and career adviser to their students. It helps students to identify and achieve their future goals.  The college also gives the facilities of after class sessions in which you can have a one-to-one conversation with your teacher and other students. In short, your voice will be heard which is not possible in a crowded classroom of a government college.

The biggest myth about private college is their high fees. Some colleges may charge a high fee but they also offer scholarships or free education to brilliant and hardworking students. As they provide high ad full fee concession to the needy students. Merit scholarships, grants, and financial incentives are the biggest benefits of these colleges.  Apart from this, you will get a committed faculty in a private college who understands student’s learning needs.  Learning is the central focus of the teachers and students. The environment of the college motivates the students to fully participate in academic discussion and session. In a big city like Karachi, you will find lots of options regarding the choice of a private college. You will find a private college in almost area but not all the institutes are of a high standard or provide high-quality education. They are just making money by fooling students and their parents. If you want to get admission in a reputed private college then below provided list can help you out in making the right decision.


DHA Degree College Karachi

DHA Degree College is one of the best private Colleges in Karachi which is also known as Defense Authority Degree College. This institute has started serving in 1988 from the school level later on institute was shifted to the present place as a college in 1990. Due to the provision of a healthy academic environment, the college has made a name as one of the top-rated private college of the city in a very short period.

DHA Degree College is fully committed to focus on the academic as well as personal growth of the student so that they can be groomed into knowledgeable and responsible individuals. That is the reason that besides providing quality education, management is also very keen on co-curricular activities and sports. The college has one of the best awarding systems as well where top performers of Board & University final examinations are being rewarded with cash prizes. DHA Degree College is registered with Dept. of literacy, Govt. of Sindh. For Degree courses, it is registered with the University of Karachi and with BIE Karachi for intermediate programs.

Zam Zama Grammar School & College:

Zam Zama Grammar School was built in the early ’90s to provide unique and quality education to a student enrolled therein. This institute has the aim that each student achieves optimal academic and personal potential from the provided learning environment. It will lay the foundation for their character development and long-lasting learning. Institute is renowned for using the best educational practices to engage students towards their challenging curriculum.

Students after completing their intermediate education are quite enabling to stand tall among students who’ve completed their education from other institutes. Faculty at Zam Zama College is much committed to helping each student to become the best he or she is capable of becoming.

Agha Khan Higher Secondary School:

Agha Khan Higher Secondary School is another best institute of Karachi striving to provide quality education to students since 1995. This institute is famous for its academics as well as for extracurricular and sports programs. The quality education can be witnessed from the concept of this institute that they aiming to maintain a balance between academic demands and sporting, cultural activities and community of their students.

School management always promotes and welcomes the parents-school partnership. For this purpose right on the first day, parents are being conveyed with school policies, procedures, expectations of school management and the role they can play in student’s education through an orientation session.

 Subjects of Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, Science General & Commerce are being offered at AKHSS.

Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT)

Aligarh Institute of Technology is a private institute that was established in 1989 with the sponsorship of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA). This institute is one of the best institutes in Karachi which provides education of Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE). This institute is affiliated with the Sindh Board of Technical Education.

Besides providing updated & high-quality education to students, institutes equally playing a vital role in the personal grooming of students by encouraging them to participate in Sports & Extracurricular activities.

Currently, this institute is providing education in the following fields of technology.

  • Bio-medical technology
  • Electronics technology
  • Mechanical technology
  • Computer information technology
  • Electrical technology
  • Civil technology

College of Accounting & Management Sciences:

College of Accounting & Management Sciences is one of the leading private colleges of City Karachi. It was established in 1994 to provide such education which is value-based and helping the future generation to face the challenging & fluctuating business environment.

At the very initial stage of its establishment, the institute recognized the basic need for quality education for young minds in the field of accounts & management sciences therefore in 1996 they have started the school system under the name of “The Avicenna School”. This school is registered with Cambridge International and the class level starts from elementary level of playgroup to A’ Level.

CAMS, besides providing intermediate commerce education it also offers professional accounting qualifications, programs up-to graduate level and short courses. These programs/certificates are affiliated with respective local and international institutions.

Hamdard College of Science & Commerce, Karachi

Hamdard College of Science and Commerce is one of the top-rated institutes of Karachi in the field of Science & Commerce. This institute has made many good reforms in the way of providing quality education when compared to commonly used methods to achieve academic excellence. This institute is renowned due to the provision of all those essential facilities to students which are helpful for them. Faculty in this institute are well equipped with modern knowledge of related fields which makes the atmosphere of this institute a special one.

Institute has modern science labs. College also offers so many co-curricular activities to its students and for this purpose, it has beautiful grounds for different sports, a big library and a cafeteria for the refreshment of students. Institute has a unique teaching methodology & test system which enables the student to learn more and more about the curriculum. Institute is offering education in the field of Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering & Commerce.

Tabani’s School of Accountancy:

Formerly Tabani’s School of Accountancy was known as the Institute of Business Education. This institute was formed to deliver student-oriented quality education. Currently, the institute is imparting quality education in the field of accountancy due to which it is becoming attractive for students and also for faculty who are joining them across the nation.

TSA has established the following institutes to provide quality education in the accountancy field:

  • TSA-School of Accountancy:
    • CA
    • ACCA
    • ICMAP
    • CIMA
    • CMA (USA)
    • Computer Courses
  • TC-Tabani’s College
  • Intermediate
  • B.COM
  • TCC-Coaching Center
  • Matric
  • Intermediate
  • B.COM
  • TAC-Academy of Cambridge:
  • O Level
  • A Level

St. Joseph College:

St. Joseph College for women is another top institute in Karachi. This institute is not only providing excellent academic education to women in Pakistan but also offering professional study programs to them. This will surely help them to become active and contributing citizens in the development of the country.

 College is offering education for Intermediate and Bachelor in the field of Arts, Commerce & Sciences with a compulsory as well as a wide range of optional subjects. By getting such a level of quality education, women can contribute to the growth of the nation.

St. Patrick College:

St. Patrick College was established in 1952. It has a history of providing scholarship based education where much emphasis placed on individual teaching to promote friendly relationships among students and faculty members. With the introduction of new disciplines of teaching methodologies, institutions are emerging as a prestigious college of the city and proving its strength.

Institute is located at the heart of the city and allowing admissions to all students without any kind of discrimination. All students are offered admissions subject to the fact that they meet the merit set for admission in the relevant field. The fee is very reasonable and well within the range of the common man of society. The college has affiliation with the Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi for intermediate level and for degree class it has affiliation with the University of Karachi. It has mostly morning classes but for some fields, it also offers evening classes. This institute has everything to offer to students and prepares them to face the challenges of modern time.

Dewa College of Information Technology & Science:

Dewa College (DC) is an intermediate private college in city Karachi. This college is offering education only up to the level of 12th Class in various streams likewise in Arts, Commerce, and science. College is also offering technical education up to intermediate level and this college has affiliation with Pakistan Board of Technical Education.

College faculty is well equipped with the latest knowledge and skill which is helping the students to learn in a better way as compared to other common colleges in the same field of study. This college has a history of organizing workshops, seminars, extra-curricular activities related events for the betterment of the students. Qualified students from this college are serving in almost all walks of life and make it one of the best institutes in the city.

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