Ufone 24 Hours (Ghantay) Unlimited Call Package, 2020
UfoneUfone Call Package

Ufone 24 Hours (Ghantay) Unlimited Call Offer 2020

In this fast moving life, everybody wants to become number one and best; they try to do something extraordinary that makes them unique among others. Technology is developing day by day so as our telecom industry. All network providers always try their best to become the first choice of customers by providing different packages, but Ufone always wins the race by offering affordable and incredible packages that attract the customers. One main reason for Ufone popularity is its cheap call, SMS and internet packages.

People usually prefer calls over SMS because messaging is not real and also time-consuming. SMS is always best for short talks but for long discussions, we give preference to calls, but high calling rates make us concerned. Ufone always has a solution for our problems and now they come up with “Ufone 24 Hour Call Package”.

By subscribing to Ufone 24 Hour Call Package, you can make unlimited calls to any Ufone, Vfone and PTCL numbers. Ufone call packages are always affordable so as this package which only charges you only Rs.11.99 excluding tax for a whole day. It is one of the best call packages of Ufone as it allows you to make the call to not only Ufone numbers but also to Vfone and PTCL numbers. Have a look at the details of this unlimited call package:

How to subscribe??

Do not hold up and subscribe to Ufone 24 Hour Call Package today to enjoy endless calls to Ufone numbers as well as to PTCL and Vfone numbers also by dialing *2424# from Ufone sim. You can avail this offer once you get the confirmation message of activation.

Package NameActivation & Deactivation CodePackage DetailPackage Price
24 Ghantay OfferTo activate *2424#
To Deactivate *2457#
Unlimited Free
Minutes on Ufone
Rs.11.99 + Tax

What are subscription charges??

Charges of making unlimited calls for 24 hours are just Rs.11.99. After adding taxes, it will approximately cost you Rs.14.35 which is easily within your reach. Ten paise plus tax on each call will be charged. On recharge, FED taxes will apply, 18.5% for Islamabad, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA and 19.5% for other regions.

What are validations??

  • The offer is only valid till 12 Am of the subscription day. After 12 Am it will automatically subscribe.
  • Offer is only valid for prepaid customers who have already subscribed to UWON package. If you are not a UWON customer, you can activate it by dialling *2424#.
  • Conference calls are not allowed.
  • IVR’S and short-codes calls are not included.
  • Only calls made to Ufone, Vfone and PTCL numbers are valid.

How to unsubscribe??

Ufone 24 Hour Package will be renewed after 12 Am if you have the balance of RS.14.35 otherwise it will be unsubscribed automatically. In case if you want it to unsubscribe before time then dial *2457# free of cost.

Ufone 24 Hour Package is the best bundle to get unlimited calls for unlimited time to any Ufone, Vfone and PTCL numbers. By offering unlimited call package, Ufone once again outclasses his competitors. If you still think whether you should activate this offer or not then just stop and activate Ufone 24 Hour Package now because you will never get unlimited calls at this rate.


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