Ufone Call Packages-Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2021


Communication plays a vital role to maintain the relationship. Whether they are long distance relatives or near friends, the conversation is the key to keep a bond.  In back people just had a fixed telephone line which is the primary source of communication. Now in today’s world, the telecom industry has changed to a great extent. Everything is changing with time and advancement in technology. Today’s customers rely on mobile phones and internet to communicate with each other. Mobile is considered as most important part of our daily routine. A mobile phone is an essential channel to interact with the world and to stay in touch with loved ones.

As the importance of communication has increased, so has the significance of telecom companies. Different telecom companies are introduced in the last couple of years. It increases the competition, and every network provider is trying hard to be distinct and to stand out. Quality customer services play an essential role to attract new customers and to keep their potential users. People usually consider reasonable rates, various bundles, and broad area coverage before choosing their network provider. Ufone is one of the top companies that always provide best to their customers.

Ufone Hourly Call Packages:

Ufone offers you best network, services, high-quality voice calls, and lowest rates on all its services. Not only have these but it also provided broad range coverage and fastest growing 3G network. Ufone call packages make it prominent among others. Want to stay connected at lowest rates then Ufone call packages is the solution for you.  These bundles are specially designed for considering the needs and affordability of all Ufone users. Ufone gives you countless options in the form of daily, weekly and monthly call packages so users can select the best for them. If you don’t want to get confused between different options, then have a look at the details of Ufone call packages:-


Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceMore Detail
Power Hour Offer60 On Net Minutes
10 Off Net Minutes
60 SMS
60 MB Internet
Rs.6+ Tax
Activate Now
Super Hour Call OfferBoundless Call to all Ufone NumbersRs.3.89Activate Now
Uth Student Call OfferBoundless / Unlimited Ufone
Calls @ Rs.0.75 Per Hour
Rs.3 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Uth Dabangg OfferUnlimited Calls to Ufone, SMS and MBs Rs.3.99+TaxActivate Now

Ufone Daily Call Packages:

Ufone is extending its customer’s circle with daily call packages. To meet daily communication needs users mostly rely on daily call packages because they can get maximum benefits at the low rate with these bundles. Daily packages are not easily affordable but also provide unlimited free minutes to enjoy free talk time. These packages mostly have the validity of 24 hours or until midnight of the subscription day. Daily call packages are mainly aimed at those people who want to get fee minutes on a daily basis.  These packages are most suitable for students and for those who are usually on low budgets.

By considering the needs and desires of its customers, Ufone has introduced various daily call packages. These packages are only for prepaid customers of Ufone. By subscribing to any of these packages, you will get unlimited fee minutes with the validity of 24hrs. Most daily bundles offer on-net minutes, but some also give you an additional benefit of off-net calls as well. Get the maximum fun on a daily basis at the lowest cost. These offers will expire after one day, you have to subscribe again to avail the offer, and some of these are auto-renewable. You will also get free SMS and data Mbs by adhering to some particular packages.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceMore Detail
24 Hours (Ghantay) OfferUnlimited minutes Ufone to Ufone Rs.11.99+TaxActivate Now
Ufone Super Sasta Offer58 Paisa per 30 Second to All
85 Paisa Per 30 SecondActivate Now
Ufone Din Bhar OfferUnlimited calls to Ufone, Vfone,
( 09 AM to 05 PM)
Rs.7 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Activate NowUnlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL,
Vfone Nos. & SMS
Rs.5+TaxActivate Now
Ufone Weekly OfferUfone Weekly OfferRs.418/- Incl. TaxActivate Now

Ufone Weekly Call Packages:

Weekly hectic routines and busy schedules make it hard for us to take some extra time for ourselves. A comforting weekend is what we need for relaxing and peacefulness. Calling a friend or special ones can help to reduce the stress and can give us the wealth of joy and peace at the end of the week. To meet the weekly needs of communication, we mostly want a package with cheap rates and maximum benefits. Weekly packages are a midway between daily and monthly bundles. These offer reasonable rates like daily bundles and provide you unlimited free calling bundles like monthly packages.

Get the best offer according to your needs with Ufone weekly call packages. Weekly call packages provide you endless free talk time for a whole week. Just dial the subscription code of your desired and activate the chosen bundle. Users can avail these offers within seven days after successful subscription. Ufone gives you special treat of additional SMS and data Mbs by enabling any one of Ufone Weekly call packages. Every bundle has something different to offer at most affordable rates. Ufone is giving you more than your expectations in the form of weekly call packages. Want to get maximum talk time with something extra at reasonable rates then you should subscribe to weekly call packages now.

Ufone Prepaid Call Packages:

This segment of the post will provide you information regarding Ufone prepaid call packages. All the details such as activation codes, de-activation codes, prices, and validations have been provided here. Check out following packages:-

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceMore Detail
Asli Chapper Phaar Offer100 on net Minutes
100 MBs
1000 SMS
Rs.80/- Incl. TaxActivate Now
Weekly Pakistan OfferUnlimited on
Net Minutes &
100 MBs
Rs.100/- Incl. TaxActivate Now

Ufone Monthly Call Packages:

The primary aim of all call packages is to provide ease and convenience to customers. Monthly call packages allow you to enter into the stress-free month. By just subscribing to these bundles you will have access to relaxing month. Most of these packages are hybrid or all in 1 bundle. Rather than just free calling minutes, these packages also give you the benefit of the unlimited message and free web surfing. The only one-time subscription fee is applied for activating these packages. These offers not only give free calling minutes from Ufone to Ufone but also provide you free off-nets minutes to stay connected with other network friends.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceMore Detail
Ufone Super Card Offer1000 Ufone Minutes
150 Off Net Minutes
1000 SMS
Rs.499 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Ufone Super Card Plus1000 On-net Minutes
150 Off Net-Minutes
1000 SMS
Rs.599 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Ufone Din Bhar OfferUnlimited calls to
Ufone, PTCL &
Vfone Numbers
(09 AM to 05 PM)
Rs.150+TaxActivate Now
PTCL to Ufone OfferUnlimited Calls to
all Ufone Numbers
Rs.150+TaxActivate Now
Ufone Monthly Call OfferUnlimited calls to Ufone, Vfone,
& 400 MBs net
Rs.418+TaxActivate Now

Ufone Postpaid Call Packages:

Ufone Monthly packages give you all services bundled in one offer. These packages not only gives the benefits of free calling minutes but you will also be provided with free SMS on all local networks and free data volume buckets. Most of these packages are auto-renewable; these will auto-renew after a month if you have sufficient balance. All monthly call packages are valid for 30 days of a month. Ufone offers these call packages not only for prepaid customers but also for postpaid customers as well. Enjoy the free unlimited talk time with both on-net and off-net numbers with Ufone monthly call packages.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceMore Detail
Ufone Talkville Offer10,000/- On net
Rs.500 Incl. TaxActivate Now
Ufone Unlimited PTCL & Vfone Offer8000 Minutes to
PTCL, Ufone &
Vfone Numbers
Rs.100 Incl. TaxActivate Now
On Net Freedom
1000 Off Net
Rs.1000+TaxActivate Now
Postpay Super Load2000 On Net Minutes
2000 SMS
2000 MBs
300 Off Net Minutes
Rs.5+TaxActivate Now
Ufone Daily Pakistan OFferUnlimited to Ufone
Numbers + MBs
Rs.18 Incl. TaxActivate Now

Call setup charges are applied to each new call you made. All prices are inclusive of taxes. Ufone is delivering more than user’s expectation. It will be hard to find such call package at lowest rates on any other network. Don’t be late and subscribe to the most suitable call package according to your need.

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