Ufone Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Call Packages 2021

Ufone is one of the most widely used networks of Pakistani GSM cellular service provider and third mobile operator in Pakistani market. With the name Ufone, it started its operations in Islamabad on January 29, 2001. Afterwards, it became a part of the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group. Ufone is the smallest GSM mobile service provider with the least market share of 18%. It has over 24 million subscribers with network coverage in more than 10,000 locations throughout Pakistan. Its CEO is Rashid Khan who was ex CEO of Mobilink from 2008 to 2014. Ufone has awarded with Best Telecommunication Award in 2012, by Advertisers Society of Pakistan. It associates as the brand of youth and young people across the country. Ufone Prepaid itself has a wide range of features such as calls, texts, and internet usage.

Ufone broadly divided into Ufone Postpay and Ufone Prepaid. Postpay generally corporate world with bigger communication needs whereas Prepaid is for those who want to keep in touch with friends and family members with a low cost in an effective manner. Both Postpay and Prepaid services vary in terms of price and facilities too. You can subscribe to any package at of your choice at any time. Ufone gives a number of value added services such as wallpapers of your favorite movies, ringtones for your favorite songs, games. Ufone is a customer-oriented network, customers can submit their feedback or ask a query at any time from Ufone helpline. The services offered by Ufone are more efficient. So join the network to experience its wonderful offers in very cheap rates. Here is the complete list of Ufone Hourly, Daily, weekly and Monthly call packages with complete info.

Ufone Prepaid Hourly Call Packages:

Ufone is the largest telecommunication network in Pakistan which offers unlimited call packages to its customers. The motto of Ufone is “Tum Hi to Ho”. Therefore, the customers of Ufone are everything for them. We see Ufone launches new call package after every day to remain intact with the users. There are a number of hourly call packages that Ufone brought for its customers. Some of the distinguished hourly call packages by the Ufone have been discussed below:-


Sr. No.Package NameActivation CodePackage DetailPrice
1.Power Hour Package*99#60 On Net Minutes
10 Off Net Minutes
60 SMS
60 MB Internet
Rs.6+ Tax
2.Super Hourly Call Offer *45#Boundless Call to all Ufone NumbersRs.3.89
3.Uth Student Package*202#Boundless / Unlimited Ufone
Calls @ Rs.0.75 Per Hour
4.Uth Dabangg Offer*212#Unlimited Calls to Ufone, SMS and MBsRs.3.99

Ufone Prepaid Daily Call Packages:

We will discuss in the segment of the post about Ufone Prepaid Dailly Call Packages. Well, Ufone has offered several of daily call offers and new packages are also take place as per requirement of the users time to time. We have collected information from their official website, therefore, all information being provided here is true, nothing has been concealed here. So let’s have overview about Daily Ufone Call Packages

Sr. No.Package NameActivation CodePackage DetailPrice
1.24 Hours (Ghantay) Offer*2424#Unlimited on Net MinutesRs. 11.99+ Tax
2.Ufone Super Sasta Offer*5678#0.85 Per 30 SecondRs.085+tax 30/Sec
3.Din Bhar Offer*445#Unlimited Calls on Ufone, V-Phone & PTCL Numbers
(09 AM to 5 PM)
Rs. 7 Including Tax
4.Ufone Super 5 Offer*5252#Unlimited Calls to Ufone, V-fone & PTCLs
+ SMS (5 AM to % PM)
Rs.5 + Tax
5.Daily Pakistan Offer*888#Unlimited Calls to Ufone Numbers
& Unlimited MBs
Rs.18 Incl. Tax

Ufone Prepaid Weekly Call Packages:

Some of the users of Ufone telecommunication company like weekly call packages. Don’t be worried, Ufone is always ready to serve its customers by fulfilling their demands and requirement. In this part of the post, we will provide you detail about Ufone Weekly Call Packages. All the packages have complete information such as activation or deactivation codes, price of packages and as well as detail about packages:-

Sr. No.Package NameActivation CodePackage DetailPrice
1.Asli Chapper Phaar Offer*5050#100 On net minutes
100 SMS
1000 MBs
Rs. 80 Including Tax
2.Weekly Pakistan Offer*8888#Unlimited on
Net Minutes &
100 MBs
Rs.100 Incl. Tax

Ufone Prepaid Monthly Call Packages:

The Prepaid customers have also facilities of hourly, daily, weekly and monthly call packages. However, we are discussing in this portion of the post about monthly call packages. Ufone has launched the variety of monthly call packages for its prepaid customers. You can activate Ufone Prepaid Monthly Call Packages as per detail is given below

Sr. No.Package NameActivation CodePackage DetailPrice
1.Ufone Super Card OfferLoad Ufone Super
or Recharge Ufone Super Card
1000 on Net Minutes
150 Off Net Minutes
1000 SMS
Rs. 499 Including Tax
2.Ufone Super Card PlusLoad Ufone Super
or Recharge Ufone Super Card
1200 on Net Minutes
200 Off Net Minutes
1200 SMS
Rs. 599 Including Tax
3.Ufone Din Bhar Offer*4455#Unlimited calls to
Ufone, PTCL &
Vfone Numbers
(09 AM to 05 PM)
Rs. 150 + Tax
4.PTCL to Ufone Dial 1236 from Landline NumberUnlimited Calls to
all Ufone Numbers
Rs. 150 + Tax
5.Ufone Monthly Pakistan OfferDail *8888#Unlimited Calls to all Ufone, Vfone
Nos. + 400 MBs
Rs. 418 Including tax

Ufone Postpay Call Packages:

This segment of the post is related to Ufone Postpay Call Packages. You can find different kinds of Postpay call packages such as Ufone Talkville, Unlimited PTCL bucket, and Off-net Freedom Bucke. The detailed description of about these packages has been provided as under:-

Sr. No.Package NameActivation CodePackage DetailPrice
1.Talkville OfferWrite in Sub & send
it to 2500
10,000 On Net
Rs. 500 Incl. Tax
2.Ufone Unlimited PTCL & Vfone OfferWrite in Sub & send
it to 7500
8000 Minutes to
Ufone, Vfone & PTCL Numbers
Rs. 100 Incl. +Tax
3.On Net Freedom
Write in Sub & send
it to 6500
1000 Off Net
Rs. 1000 + Tax
4.Post Pay Super Load*6699#2000 On Net Minutes
2000 SMS
2000 MBs
300 Off Net Minutes
Rs.5 + Tax
5.Daily Pakistan Offer*888#Unlimited Calls to Ufone Numbers
& Unlimited MBs
Rs.18 Incl. Tax

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