Ufone Super Card Plus Offer 2021 for Rs.599/-

A mobile phone is an essential part of our lives through which we remain connected to one another. In today’s world, our life mostly revolves around calling, messaging and internet surfing, and for using all these services we have to recharge or load balance in our mobile. We can recharge our mobile by easy-load or loading card. A 100-rupee card is not enough to meet our monthly needs, and the daily easy load is also annoying.

Ufone is the first telecom industry to introduce smart card in Pakistan for its prepaid customers. Smart cards have been presented as Ufone Super cards which further has different categories, i.e., Super Card, Super Card Plus and Mini Super Card. Each card has a different price so the user can choose what suits them best. But the best in the series is Ufone Super Card Plus.

Super Card Plus give you relaxation of the whole month at the minimal amount of Rs. 599.To buy unlimited resources of calls, SMS and data volume you just have to scratch a single card. If you want a tension free month, you need to buy a Ufone Super card to enjoy 1200 on-net minutes, 180 off-net minutes, 1200 SMS and 1200 Mbs of data network at such a low price. Further details about Super Plus Card are discussed below:


How to Get Super Card Plus??

Like other packages and offer you don’t need to dial anything and have to wait for confirmation. Just step out go to your nearest shop and get you plus card. Scratch and load into mobile to enjoy a tension free month. You can also avail this offer through Upload.

Package NameActivation &
Deactivation Code
Package Detail Package Price
Super Card PlusLoad Ufone Card /
Recharge Ufone Load
1000 On-net Minutes
150 Off Net-Minutes
1000 SMS
Rs.599/- Incl. Tax

 What Super Card Plus is offering??

Through this card, Ufone is offering as much as you can think. This time Ufone is giving both 1200 on-net and 180 off-net minutes to their users to make calls to any number in Pakistan. This offer also gives 1200 Mbs to 2G and 3G users. 1200 messages to all networks in Pakistan are also provided.

What are rates??

No Subscription charges, activation fees or daily rates are included in this offer. You just have to pay RS.599 once to buy card plus and after buying you will enter into a month of unlimited fun and free resources.

What is card validity??

  • You will get all benefits for 30 days.
  • The offer will be valid only for pre-paid customers.
  • On loading Ufone Super Card Plus, you will not receive any balance instead you will get unlimited on-net and off-net minutes, SMS and data volumes for both 2G and 3G users.

How to check remaining resources??

Don’t worry about calculating remaining minutes, SMS and Mbs as these can be verified quickly by dialing *706#.

No doubt Ufone always try their best to provide comfort and ease to their customers. You can enjoy unlimited resources for a whole month at affordable rates. Such offer is impossible to expect from other network providers. Get your Ufone Super Plus card from the nearest shop or any Ufone franchise to enjoy a worry less month with unlimited resources.

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