Ufone Weekly Light 3G/4G Package

Ufone has strike once again with another internet weekly package.  Like other prepaid internet buckets, the bundle also has something amazing for its subscribers. Ufone has introduced the bundle in the name of the weekly light package. The package provides subscribers with unlimited data Mbs for a whole week plus it will also provide you with social freebies.  Customers can avail the freebies for usage of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.  The offer will remain valid for a whole week. You can see the essential details of the weekly light package below

How can you subscribe to the package??

You can subscribe to the package by dialing the subscription code *7811#. You can also dial *3# from your 3G enable device and subscribe your desired package with the help of tariff activation menu. You will receive a confirmation message soon.

What incentives will you get??

Ufone weekly light package will provide you with 250 Mbs of mobile data for unlimited internet usage for a whole week.  You can avail the Mbs as per your needs. Not only will this but you also get 2GB data as social freebies for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. 


What charges you have to pay??

For subscribing the weekly light 3G package, you have to pay only Rs 50 including tax. No additional or extra charges are included in the subscription.  Tax fee is included in the charges.

How to check remaining resources??

To check the remaining resources of the weekly light 3G package, you can make an inquiry by dialing *706#. You will receive a message shortly with complete detail of remaining Mbs. Standard charges will apply on each inquiry you make.

Package NamePackage DetailActivation DetailPackage
Weekly 34/4g50 MBs*7811#50 Incl. Tax

What are the terms and conditions??

Following are the terms and conditions of the offer

  • The weekly light 3G package is only for the prepaid internet users of Ufone.
  • The offer will remain valid for one week and will expire at the end of the seventh day.
  • Every night at 00:00 volume accumulator will reset.
  • Withholding tax will apply on recharge, bill, and other usages.
  • Sales tax will apply on subscribing the package on a regional basis.
  • All charges are inclusive of taxes.
  • WhatsApp calls will not be entertained in social freebies.
  • Fair usage policy of 2 GB will apply on social freebies provided in the package.
  • You can re-subscribe the package only on expiration, multiple subscriptions are not allowed.
  • On expiration or on consumption of bucket resources, default charges will apply on internet usage.

Subscribe to the weekly light package now and get maximum available speed for your internet usage. Internet speed can differ depending on different conditions and factors. So, start enjoying your week with an unlimited supply of data Mbs for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

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