Warid Hourly Call Package 2022 for Rs.4+Tax


Warid Hourly Call Package. Our day does not complete without making a call or talk to someone on the phone but we don’t have enough time for each other in this fast-moving world. Our free timings usually don’t match with others. We mostly want to talk in our free time so that we can feel more relax and connected to your loved ones. People don’t want to pay high rates for making a call, so they prefer call packages provided by their network providers. Warid Jazz Weekly Call Offer.

Warid Hourly Call Package:

Most of the call packages have time restrictions, but Warid has introduced Hourly call package for its customers. Hourly call package gives you an opportunity of making the call at any time of the day, and the rates are easily affordable. You can choose any two hours from 24 hours of the day according to your convenience. By subscribing to the hourly package, you can call to anyone, anytime and as many times as you want. Details of the package are as follow

How can you subscribe??

If you want to stay connected with each other without being tense about limited minutes and high call rates, then you should give a chance to hourly call package by Warid. Subscribe to Warid Hourly Call Package by sending an SMS to 2742. In the message, you have to type starting time of your chosen hour. If you want to call from 8 pm to 9 pm, then type “8 pm” to 27422. The offer will be activated for one hour. You will receive a confirmation message.


Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Hourly Call PackageSMS find to 2742 to select HourUnlimited calls for one hourRs.4+Tax

How much you have to pay??

Warid Hourly Call Package

High call rates usually restrict us from talking unlimited to our friends, but Warid made it easy for you by offering cheap call rates. Warid gives you two different time slots in which you can select your favorite time to call. The first-time duration is from 11 pm to 6:59 pm, during which you have to pay Rs.4 + tax per hour and the other, is from 7 pm to 10:59, for this duration charges of Rs.8 + tax per hour, will apply. One time subscription charges of Rs.3 + tax will apply.

What benefits you get??

You will get the benefit of unlimited talking for an hour and that one hour is your choice. Rates are also very minimal. Like other packages there is no time restriction, you can talk at any time of the day.

How to check your selected hour??

You can check your selected hour by sending “FIND” to 2742. Charges of Rs.05 + tax will apply for this message.

Warid Hourly Call Package validations??

  • Offer is valid only for prepaid customers.
  • You can subscribe to this offer as many times as you want but the recent subscription will cancel the previous one.
  • The Chosen hour can be changed at any time.
  • You have to select your favorite hour daily because the offer will not atomically renew.
  • FED and withholding taxes will apply on recharge and other usages.
  • After 50 minutes all calls will be disconnected.

Finally, it is time to talk by the hour and stop counting calling minutes. The plus point of this offer is that it does not have any time limitations. Warid is giving you an opportunity like never before so that nothing can stop you to talk unlimited. You should go for Warid Hourly Call Package and start calling whenever you want.

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