Warid Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Call Packages 2022


Warid Call Packages 2022. We are writing this post in order to provide information regarding Warid Call Packages. All packages offered by Warid Telecom Company have been discussed here in detail. Information about Waird Daily Call Packages, Waird Weekly Call Packages and Warid Monthly call packages has been published on this single web-page. The Warid users can activate call package as per their need from the list mentioned below:-

Warid Call Packages 2022:

Travelling through time and with the advancement of technology the basics of our communication has changed dramatically. There were times when calling had the most important in our life, but technology has provided us several other ways to connect with each other. All modern means of communication are quick and efficient but are they real time?? Can we feel the other people’s presence or emotions through texting or email?? Only calling can give you a real-time connection. Calling make you realize that other person values your time and giving you a proper time.

But making a call to someone is that easy. With innovation cell phones has replaced the old telephone which brought different cellular network providers in the telecom industry. Each network provider has its rates and usually calling rates are high in Pakistan which makes it difficult for people to initiate a conversation over the phone. Telecom companies come up with different call package to provide convenience to their customers, and to overcome this issue,


Warid being one of the top telecom companies in Pakistan gives the best quality services to its customers. Warid Call Packages 2022 are matchless as compare to other telecom companies in Pakistan. The rates set by Warid are cheap for both local and international calling. Not only reasonable calling rates but Warid gives you more option in the form of calling packages to communicate with anyone efficiently. In its calling packages list, there are daily, weekly and monthly so users can choose the most appropriate offer according to their needs and affordability. Warid gives incredible calling packages to its prepaid users as well as presents numerous vast bundles for its post-paid customers. Let’s have a look at all details of call packages by Warid:

Prepaid Warid Call Packages 2022:

Different call packages by Warid gives you the freedom of making unlimited calls to all networks in Pakistan. Warid defines daily, weekly and monthly call packages to provide you ease and reliability. These call packages are specially introduced for the prepaid users of Warid.

Hourly Warid Call Packages 2022:

Talk unlimited for an hour with Warid hourly call package. Incentives of the offer are given below.

  • SMS “FIND” to 2742 to get subscribed to hourly call package.
  • 4 + tax will apply from 11 pm to 7 pm and Rs.8 + tax from 7 p to 11 pm.
  • Subscription charges of Rs.3 + tax will apply.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Hourly Call PackageSMS "Find" to 2742 for selection of hourUnlimited on-Net Calls for one hourRs.4+Tax

Warid Ghanta Offer:

Ghanta offer is an incredible package which gives you the benefit of calling in the available time.

  • Type “Gh” and send this SMS to 3333.
  • You can call from 12 am to 6 pm at the rate of Rs.2.9 + tax/hour.
  • The subscription charges of ghanta offer are Rs.2.99 + tax, and daily fees are Rs.5.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Ghanta PackageSMS "GH" to 3333Unlimited On-net Calls for one HourRs.2+Tax

Warid Daily Call Packages:

Now you can communicate as much as you want on a daily basis with Warid daily call packages. Daily call packages are best for those who are not a frequent caller or especially for those who love to gossip with long distance friends on weekends. Here is list of all daily packages

Warid Power Pack:

Warid Call Packages 2022 includes power pack package, you can enjoy calling to any on-net number. Here is some important detail.

  • Activate the power pack offer by typing “P” and send it to 777.
  • It will give you 5 on-net minutes, 100 SMS and 5Mbs of the internet.
  • Rates of Rs.4.99 + tax will apply for this package.

Package NameActivation DetailsPackage DetailiPackage Price
Warid Power OfferSMS "P" to 77775 Free Minutes to Warid
100 SMS
5 MBs

Warid Pakistan Offer:

Daily Pakistan offer gives you free unlimited calls in your favorite time. The offer contains

  • SMS “PK” to 4337 to subscribe Pakistan offer.
  • It gives you the benefit of calling from 6 pm to 8 pm.
  • You can avail the offer in Rs.12 + tax.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Pakistan OfferSMS "PK" to 4337Unlimited On-Net 6 PM to 8 PMRs.12+Tax

Warid Call Packages 2022

Warid Daily Bundle Offer:

Warid Call Packages 2022 introduces “Daily bundle offer” gives you much more than your expectations. You can call to on-net as well as on off-net numbers with this offer. Check the details

  • Dial *99*11# to get the subscription to daily bundle offer.
  • 200 on-net minutes, 10 minutes to other networks, 300 SMS for all networks and data volume of 30 Mbs.

Warid Apna Shehar Offer:

Apna shehar offer has different rates for different cities. Call made to specific cities will rate according to Apna shehar offer. List according to cities is given regarding Warid Call Packages 2022

Warid Peshawar Offer:

  • Type “BAAT” and send to 4337.
  • Make the unlimited call in 0.02/sec per call rates and also avail 5 Mbs of the internet.
  • Subscription charges are Rs.7.99 + tax.

Package NameActivation Detail Package DetailPackage Price
Warid Peshawar OfferSMS "BAAT" to 4337Unlimited Calls in 0.02/per Second
5 MBs

Warid Karachi Offer:

  • Send “KAR” to 4337.
  • Unlimited calls, 50 SMS to Warid numbers and 5 Mbs internet.
  • Subscription charges are Rs.10.99 + tax.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Karachi OfferSMS "KAR" to 4337Unlimited Calls 20 Paisa/per MinutesRs.10.99+Tax

Warid Multan & Hyderabad Offer:

  • SMS “BOL” to 4337.
  • The lowest rate of 20 paise/ minute will be charged.
  • The charges of Rs.7.99 + tax will apply.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage Detail Package Price
Multan OfferSMS "BOL" to 4337Unlimited Calls in 20 Paisa / Per MinutesRs.5.99+Tax

Faisalabad, Gujranwala, North Peshawar & AJK regions

  • Type “ON” and send this message to 4337.
  • The cheap rate of 20 paise/ minute will be charged.
  • The charges of Rs.5.99 + tax will apply.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Faisalabad OfferSMS "ON" to 4337Unlimited Calls in Rs.20 Paisa / Per MinutesRs.5.99+Tax

These are complete details of daily call packages by Warid. Choose your Warid Call Packages 2022 and start calling daily.

Warid Weekly Call Packages:

Weekly we made hundreds of calls to friends and family due to which we soon ran out of credit and had to recharge our mobile weekly. Now you can get rid of this tension by subscribing to incredible weekly call packages by Warid. Warid Call Packages 2022 introduced two weekly packages so far.

Warid Poora Hafta Offer:

Warid will give you a full week relief by poora hafta offer. You can relax for seven days without worrying about calling, texting and internet rates. Information about offer is given below

  • Activate this offer quickly by sending “WO” to 3333.
  • You will get unlimited On-net minutes from Warid to Warid, 1000 SMS for all local networks and 250 Mbs of 2G and 4G internet.
  • Charges are as low as you expect, i.e., Rs.80 + tax for one week.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Poora Hafta OfferSMS "WO" to 3333100 On-net Minutes
250 On-Net Minutes (Sunday)
1000 SMS
250 MBs
Rs.80 Incl. Tax

Warid Seven Day Offer:

This offer will give you everything in sevens for seven days. You will get all benefits of this package for a week.

  • Dial *99*7# to activate the offer.
  • 700 on-net minutes, 70 off-net minutes, 700 messages and 700 Mbs of the data network.
  • 99 + tax will be charged to avail the offer.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid 7 Day OfferDial *99*7#700 On-Net Minutes
70 Off-Net Minutes
700 SMS
700 MBs

Monthly Warid Call Packages 2022:

Call packages which most people use for their ease and convenience are monthly Warid Call Packages 2022. Become relax for a whole month by availing any one of the monthly call packages by Warid. Monthly packages will save you from recharging your mobile again and again.

Warid Mahana Offer:

Mahana Offer gives you all benefits that will be enough for a whole month. Once you subscribed to Mahana offer, you don’t have to worry about any daily and extra charges because you have to pay once. Incentives of the offers are mentioned below:

  • Pick up your phone and dial *99*33# to activate the package.
  • Get the benefit of 1500 minutes from warid to warid, 100 minutes for all other networks, 1500 SMS for all networks and 1500 of Mbs.
  • 520 inclusive of tax will apply.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Mahana OfferDail *99*33#1500 On-Net Minutes
100 Off-Net Minutes
1500 SMS
1500 MBs
Rs.52 Incl. Tax

Warid Other Call Packages:

Other call packages are those that do not fall in the category of daily, weekly or monthly packages. These are introduced by considering the needs of prepaid users and ease.

Warid 3 Day Bundle:

This offer will give you al benefits for three days including free minutes, SMS and Mbs.  Following are the details of 3-day bundle offer.

  • Activation code for the offer is *99*1#.
  • 300 free on-net minutes, 30 off-net minute of calling, 500 message to all networks and 500 Mbs of data volume.
  • You will be charges Rs.70 + tax for activating the offer.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid 3 Day OfferDial *99*1#300 On-Net Minutes
30 Off-Net Minutes
500 SMS
500 MBs

Warid Postpaid Call Packages:

Feeling the need of call packages for postpaid customers Warid has introduced the affordable call packages for its postpaid users as well so they can enjoy talking to their loved ones.  Enter the world of Warid postpaid call packages and choose the most convenient package. Here is the list of all postpaid packages:

Warid Monthly Super Hybrid:

This offer will meet the call needs of postpaid users. It will give you all benefits at cheap rates. Further information is listed below

  • You can activate the offer by dialing *99*1# from your postpaid connection.
  • You will get thousands of benefits, i.e., 1000 on-net minutes, 1000 SMS and 1000 Mbs for lightning tez internet.
  • You just have to pay Rs.200.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Warid Monthly Super HybridDial *99*1#1000 On-Net Minutes
1000 SMS
1000 MBs
Rs.200 Incl. Tax

Warid Monthly Unlimited Hybrid:

The offer will give you the benefit of unlimited calling from Warid to Warid numbers, messages to all networks and unlimited web surfing. Important details are here for you

  • Get subscribed to unlimited hybrid offer by dialing *99*2#.
  • 2500 minutes from Warid to Warid, 2500 SMS to all local networks and 2500 Mbs of data volume.
  • You will get this offer at Rs.400 + tax.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Monthly Unlimited HybridDial *99*2#2500 On-Net Minutes
2500 SMS
2500 MBs
Rs.400 Incl. Tax

Warid Super Monthly Bundle:

Now you can make calls to on-net as well as off-net numbers with the super monthly package. Other than free minutes you will also get the benefit of SMS and free internet.

  • Pick up your phone and dial *727# to activate this offer.
  • 1000 on-net minutes as well as 250 off-net minutes, thousands of message and bundles.
  • 500 will apply for the super monthly bundle.

Warid Unlimited Monthly Bundle:

Have endless fun with the unlimited monthly package by Warid. Get the necessary detail of the offer below

  • By dialing *727#, you can activate the offer.
  • Get the benefit of 2500 on-net minutes, 500 off-net minutes, 2500 SMS and 2500 Mbs of tez internet.
  • Charges of Rs.1000 + tax will apply.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Unlimited Monthly BubdleDial *727#2500 On-Net Minutes
500 Off-Net Minutes
2500 SMS
2500 MBs
Rs.1000 Incl. Tax

Pakistan’s most extensive network Warid is giving you a long list of call packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers so you can choose the best package according to your need and affordability. If you are not Warid customer then do not be upset, get your Warid sim now from near retailer or any Warid franchise and start enjoying all call packages at reasonable rates.

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