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Warid Monthly Super Hybrid Bundle 2020

Competition in the telecom industry is getting tight with every passing day. All telecom companies want to be best for their customers; some of them offer low rates, other try to attract more clients by offering versatile bundles. But the key to being on top or stand out from other gives all privilege to customers in one package at low rates. They should introduce a whole package that targets the maximum clients.

Warid seems to know the secret of being favorite of users that’s why they always come up with something different for its both prepaid and postpaid customers. Not only they have low rates on all services, but they keep on introducing different bundles and offers as now they are fiving a Monthly Super Hybrid Offer for its postpaid customers.

Monthly Super Hybrid Offer is what you need to meet your daily requirement of calls, message, and internet. This all in one package is another significant step by Warid to provide convenience to their users. Subscribe to super hybrid offer once and reunwindlax for next 30 days. Important information with complete offer detail is mentioned below

Minimal Charges

Getting all benefits at minimum charges is hard to imagine, but Warid is transforming our imagination into reality by offering all resources for a month in just Rs.200 per month.

Activate it now

Postpaid customers usually don’t get a full package at reasonable rates so if you are getting an opportunity then you should subscribe to Monthly Super Hybrid offer by dialing *99*1#, or you can quickly send type “SHA” and send it to 7777.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Monthly Super Hybrid *99*1#1000 On-Net Minutes
1000 SMS
1000 MBs
Rs.200 Incl. Tax

Offer’s incentives

Through Super Hybrid Offer you will get unlimited minutes, SMS and internet Mbs for 30 days. You will have

  • 1000 on-net minutes for unlimited calling.
  • 1000 SMS to every local network in Pakistan.
  • 1 GB of data volume for both 2G and 4G network.

Offer’s Validations

  • On all charges other than government taxes no tax will be added.
  • Only postpaid customers can get this offer.
  • WP, Warid Package customer, and Zahi users can subscribe to Super Monthly Hybrid Offer.
  • Calls can be made from Warid to Warid only.
  • After consumption of all resource rates according to per package plan will apply.
  • If you are a subscriber of WP-100 unlimited bundle, WP-500 Super Bundle, and corporate bundle, then this offer is not for you.
  • Charges of the bundle will apply as advance pro-rated monthly basis.
  • International roaming is not allowed in this offer.

Check remaining resources

Dial *99*3# or send an SMS “SHC” to 777 for checking remaining minutes, messages and internet Mbs.

Deactivation method

If you are thinking to subscribe other postpaid packages by Warid, then you can deactivate Super Monthly Hybrid Offer easily by dialing *99*4#.

Postpaid customers of Warid have a chance to get maximum benefit by this offer at cheap rates for 30 days. Warid always cares for customer satisfaction that is why they enhanced their package and lessened the rates so users can get more in low price.



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