Zong 3G / 4G Internet Packages | Zong Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Internet Packages
Zong 3G PackagesZong 4G Packages

Zong 3G / 4G Internet Packages | Zong Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Internet Packages

In today’s world, the internet is more important than before. It helps to do our task in the day to day life. Different ISPs provide internet services to their users but the result is not up to the mark.  Most people use Wi-Fi to use the internet but the sped is usually slow and the connection is not good also. Wi-Fi also works in a limited range. That’s why people usually prefer mobile data for their personal connection to phones. Cellular companies in Pakistan provide 2G, 3G and 4G internet services to their users. These services provide a fast and secure connection to the internet as compared to Wi-Fi.

You can also use your mobile data at any place, there is no limited range. Zong is the first 4G cellular company in Pakistan. It provides fast, safe and ranges less internet service to its customers. Not only the connections are excellent but the prices are also very reasonable. Zong also provides 2G and 3G internet service along with 4G. Zong has also introduced different internet bundles for their postpaid and prepaid customers. You can activate the packages on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. Each bundle offers a lot of Mbs at an affordable cost. Post of every 3g/4g internet package is given below for your kind perusal:-

Zong Free Unlimited WhatsApp Offer 2018

Zong Good Night 3G / 4G Internet Package 2018

Zong Daily 3G / 4G Internet Package (Daily Basic) 2018

Zong Day Time 3G / 4G Internet Offer 2018


Zong Twitter 3G/ 4G Free Internet Package 2018

Zong Free 3G / 4G Internet Package for Facebook 2018

Zong Facebook Daily 3G / 4G Internet Package 2020


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