Zong Call Packages | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Packages 2020
ZongZong Call Packages

Zong Call Packages | Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2020

In this fast-moving world, we can’t deny the importance of a phone call. You can communicate more over a call than any other communication channel. Calling is interactive which allow you take your conversation in a new direction. Responds to text, email or voicemail often get delayed whereas calls are instant and real time. Telephone and mobile phone are the ultimate sources of communication. With advancement in technology, the mobile phone has replaced the landlines to much extent. Telecom Companies make it possible for us to make calls to anyone, anywhere and at any time. But usually, you are charged high for using all communication channels.

People always consider rates and bundles before choosing a network provider for them. So, it is essential for telecom companies to offer quality services, low rates, and incredible packages to attract more customers. To draw in more users to your network family may seem challenging and expensive but that is not the case. With economic bundles or packages, you can achieve your goal. Customers opt for packages for using almost all services, especially for calls. Calls are more expensive than texting that’s why people have to think before initiating a call. Network providers have introduced different call packages at different rates for the ease and convenience of their customers.

When it comes to lowest calling rates and cheap bundles, then there can be no better option than Zong. Zong is the most used network in Pakistan. It is best known for its quality services and various ranges of packages & offers. Zong has most likely outpaced and defeated its rivals with its innovation and creativity.  The most noticeable thing about Zong is its call packages which are not only affordable but also hybrid as well. It continues to increase, enhances and improve its call packages. These packages give you the benefit of calling to all local networks in Pakistan. Its call packages fall into the category of daily, weekly and monthly bundles. You can choose the package which suits you best. Have a look on complete details of Zong call packages:

Check Other Zong Call Packages:

Zong Daily Call Packages:

The need of making the call a can arise hundreds of time in a day which can cost you high. So, daily call packages are needed for calls on daily basis. Daily call packages most appropriate choice if you want to enjoy maximum talk time without breaking your budget. Daily call packages are much cheaper than weekly and monthly packages but offer less calling minutes. So, these are the best choice for you if you don’t feel the need to make a call on the weekly or monthly basis. Zong daily packages also give you the opportunity of texting and free web surfing.

Zong offers several daily packages with different benefits at cheap rates. Most of these packages are valid until midnight of the subscription day. These packages are auto recursive; these will renew at midnight if you have required balance. Daily packages are valid only for prepaid customers of Zong. Talk at any time of the day at lowest possible rates with Zong daily call bundles. From Zong Shandar offer to Zong perfect package, the list of daily call packages by Zong is endless. Each offer has something incredible to offer.  You can get the complete detail of all packages with subscription code, incentive and charges below.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceActivate Now
Daily Shandar OfferUnlimited Zong to Zong Calls
500 SMS
100 Mbs
Rs.8+TaxClick Here to Activate
Daily Unlimited OfferUnlimited Zong to Zong Call
Internet MBs
Rs.12+TaxClick Here to Activate
Super StudentZong to Zong Minutes
30 MBs
Rs.5+TaxClick Here to Activate
Zong Hello Package100 Zong to Zong Minutes
100 SMS
50 MBs
Free Facebook
Rs.8+TaxClick Here to Activate
Zong Flutter 90 Zong to Zong Minutes
100 MBs
Rs.8+TaxClick Here to Activate
Zong Sixer PlusUnlimited Zong to Zong Minutes
Unlimited SMS
Rs.8+TaxClick Here to Activate
Non Stop1000 On-Net MinutesRs.10+TaxClick Here to Activate
Zong Perfect 1000 On-Net Minutes
500 SMS
5 Mbs
Rs.12+TaxClick Here to Activate
Hello Package100 Zong to Zong Minutes
100 SMS
50 MBs
Free Facebook
Rs.8+TaxClick Here to Activate

Zong Weekly Call Packages:

In our hectic routine, we find it hard to communicate with each other mobile phone. The weekend is our favorite time to complete our pending tasks same as with calls. Want to have unlimited talk time at lowest calling rates for your weekend plans than go for none other than Zong weekly call packages. Weekly packages will give you benefits of both on-net and off-net calling.  As an additional benefit, you will be provided with free unlimited messages on all networks and data Mbs for all 2G, 3G & 4G users. If you want a complete package with all services on a weekly basis then Zong weekly call packages will meet your needs.

Zong weekly packages will give you a stress-free week regarding balance and calling minutes. These bundles are also valid for prepaid users. Packages will remain effective until seventh day of subscription. Some of this offer are auto recursive, and some will get expire after the completion of the week or on consumption of allocated resources. Zong offers three weekly call packages for their prepaid customers. Zong Shandar Weekly offer, Zong unlimited Weekly Offer, Zong weekly all in one are popular weekly call packages. If you are thinking to subscribe any one of these packages, then have the complete detail of these packages from the list.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceActivate Now
Weekly Shandaar Offer1000 On-Net Minutes
50 Off-Net Minutes
1000 SMS
350 MBs
Rs.75+TaxClick Here to Activate
All in 1 Weekly500 On-Net Minutes
50 Off-Net Minutes
500 SMS
500 MBs
Rs.15 Incl. TaxClick Here to Activate
Unlimited Weekly OfferUnlimited Zong to Zong Minutes
150 SMS / Per Day
Rs.63+TaxClick Here to Activate

 Zong Monthly Call Packages:

Zong always offers something exceptional for its customers. It not only provides quality services and broad range coverage but also give convenience and extraordinary call bundles. If you find it annoying to subscribe the call packages again and again on the daily or weekly basis, then choose Zong monthly packages for you. Connect with all your friends and family with Zong Monthly call offers as you will get free minutes, SMS and access to the internet for an entire month. This offer will allow you to have more for less. Get unlimited fun for a whole month with Zong monthly packages.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceActivate Now
Monthly Supreme Offer3000 On-Net Minutes
300 Off-Net Minutes
3000 MBs
3000 SMS
Rs.750 Incl. TaxClick Here to Activate
Unlimited Monthly Unlimited Zong to Zong Minutes Rs.255+TaxClick Here to Activate
Monthly Shandaar OfferOn-Net Minutes 1000
Off-Net Minutes 100
SMS 1000
MBs 1000
Rs. 358 Incl. TaxClick Here to Activate

Zong Prepaid & Postpaid Call Packages:

Zong provides a wide range of Monthly Call Packages to its both prepaid and postpaid customers at affordable rates. The specialty of Zong monthly call packages is that they are hybrid. They give you the opportunity to all services by paying once. Few bundles will auto-renew at the 30th day of the month, or some will get expire. All these packages are hybrid and valid for 30 days of a month. Zong has also offered Z call package for its postpaid users. Prepaid customers have the benefit of choosing the suitable package from several options. Want all essential information related to Zong monthly call packages then have a look at the list provided. Don’t miss the opportunity to avail the best call packages by Zong. Don’t be late and subscribe to any of these bundles according to your need and affordability.

Package NamePackage DetailPackage PriceActivate Now
Z300 Package500 On-Net Minutes
100 Off-Net Minutes
500 SMS
1000 MBs
Rs.300+TaxClick Here to Activate
Z500 Package2000 On-Net Minutes
250 Off-Net Minutes
1000 SMS
2000 MBs
365+TaxClick Here to Activate
Z900 PackageUnlimited On-Net Minutes
500 Off-Net Minutes
2000 SMS
4000 MBs
Rs. 675+TaxClick Here to Activate
Super StudentUnlimited Zong to
Zong Calls 30 MBs
Click Here to Activate
Z1500 PackageUnlimited Talk time &
On-Net Minutes
4000 SMS
8000 MBs
Rs. 1095+Tax
Click Here to Activate


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