Zong Data Share 3G / 4G package, 5 GB & 10 GB
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Zong Data Share 3G / 4G Package (5 GB & 10 GB)

It’s always great to share because sharing is caring. Recently Zong, the biggest telecom company of Pakistan, has announced the unique bundle of data sharing. The bundle allows the subscriber to share their data bundle with friends and family. With these bundles, friends and family numbers can get access to the internet anywhere and anytime unlike Wi-Fi hotspot. Zong always works to meet its customer’s need and this unique bundle is proof of it. It can transform the lives of customers as it increases the access to the internet due to sharing.

With Zong data share offer group owner can add up to 10 friends and family numbers in the group.  Each member can enjoy fast access to the internet. With the data share bundle, you can use social media, browse the internet and play online games without any interruptions. Other essential details of the bundle are as follow

How to Subscribe??

 You can subscribe the data share bundles by dialing the standard activation code of Zong *6464# and follow the given steps.

  • The first step is to create a group.
  • Select a bundle which you want to subscribe.
  • Add your friends and family numbers to the group.
  • Start sharing and enjoy.
Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Data Share 3G/4G (5GB)*6464*5#5 GB InternetRs.500 Incl. Tax
Data Share 3G/4G (10 GB)*6464*5#10 GB InternetRs.900 Incl. Tax

What are Incentives ??

In data share bundles you can subscribe to two packages; Monthly 5 GB and monthly 10 GB. You can subscribe to the package of your choice depending on provided Mbs and charges.  As the name of packages suggests, you will have 5 GB and 10 GB of mobile data.

Charges will Apply??

To activate the monthly 5 GB package, you have to pay Rs 500 including tax and to activate the monthly 10 GB package charges of Rs 900 including tax will apply. Charges for both the packages are easily affordable as you will get unlimited mobile data for 30 days.

How to Check Data Usage??

A group owner can check data usage by dialing *6464*5# ->4 ->1 and a group member can also check his own data usage by dialing *6464*5# ->4 ->2.

Terms & Conditions??

  • Data share bundles are only for prepaid customers of Zong.
  • Both the packages will be valid for a month and will expire after it.
  • MBB and internet SIM numbers are not allowed for data share bundles.
  • A group member will receive an indication message while the bundle is shared.
  • Data share group will remain active unless the group leader deletes it.
  • Group owner have the right to delete specific numbers from the group.
  • You can subscribe to these packages with other data bundles.
  • Once the data volume has run out, group owner and members will be charged as their data package.

Data share bundles are unique and give benefits to all the members equally. Subscribe to the package of your choice and become a hero in your friend circle by providing the opportunity to avail the package without any cost.


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