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Zong Free Unlimited WhatsApp Offer 2020

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the market now. WhatsApp users are in billion and this number is increasing day by day. Almost everyone uses the app to connect with their friends and family. WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, share pictures or videos and allow downloading over the internet. It is basically a free app but uses your mobile internet for all features. You can use WhatsApp over Wi-Fi or on your mobile data. Obviously, you cannot have Wi-Fi everywhere so mobile data is the best option. The best way to use WhatsApp over mobile data is to subscribe to a bundle. Zong has introduced an amazing internet bundle in the name of WhatsApp offer. The offer is for all Zong users including prepaid and postpaid. You can enjoy all the features of WhatsApp for a whole month at the lowest price with unlimited mobile data. Essential details of the WhatsApp offer are given below

How can you Subscribe??

To enjoy unlimited WhatsApp for a whole month with Pakistan’s no 1 network, you have to dial*247#. Wait until you receive a confirmation message regarding successful subscription.

What are the Charges??

To enjoy unlimited WhatsApp features anytime and anywhere in Pakistan at just Rs 20 including tax. You can make voice/ video calls, send messages and can use all features at such a low cost. No additional or extra charges will apply.

What incentives you will Get??

By subscribing the Zong WhatsApp offer you can enjoy unlimited mobile data of 4GB with the fastest data network. You can use the provided Mbs only for WhatsApp usage and can enjoy all the features.

Check Other Internet Packages:

How to Check Data Usage??

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Free WhatsAppDial *247#4 GB Per MonthRs.20 Incl. Tax

To check your daily or weekly data usage you have to dial *102#. Charges of 10 paise including tax will apply to each inquiry. You will receive a message including information of remaining Mbs.

What Features you can Enjoy??

With WhatsApp offer you can enjoy all the features of the app including

  • Text and voice messaging
  • Voice and video calling
  • Picture and video sharing
  • Unlimited downloading

What are the terms & Conditions??

  • WhatsApp offer is valid for all Zong customers including prepaid, postpaid, SIM internet and MBB.
  • The offer will remain effective for a whole month.
  • The offer is auto-recursive and will automatically subscribe after one month.
  • Withholding tax will apply on recharge, bill, and other usages.
  • Sales tax will also apply to all usages according to your area or region.
  • Only use SIMs verified through the biometric system.

With Zong WhatsApp offer you can enjoy unlimited WhatsApp for a whole month at the most affordable price. Simply subscribe the offer and start enjoying all the features of the WhatsApp with the best data network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question: How to subscribe Free Zong WhatsApp Offer?
  • Answer: Zong Free WhatsApp offer can be subscribed by dialing *247#.
  • Question: How many MBs are in this offer?
  • Answer: Data of 4 G.B is offered in this internet package.
  • Question: What are the charges to activate Free WhatsApp Offer?
  • Answer: Zong charges Rs.20+Incl. tax for activation.
  • Question: What is the validation?
  • Answer: Zong Free WhatsApp offer is available for whole month. Its mean validation of this offer is one month.
  • Question: Can postpaid customer avail this offer?
  • Answer: Yes Zong postpaid and prepaid customers can enjoy this offer.


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