Zong Non Stop Package 2022


Zong Non Stop Package. Calling is all about connecting with your friends and family no matter where you are. The advancement in technology has introduced different calling apps which allow us to make calls without any fees. But can we relay on these apps for staying in touch with another?? The answer is NO! Broadband services in Pakistan are not pretty reliable. Most of the times we can’t get a decent internet connection so calling through SIM card are always the best option in all situations. Due to the ongoing rise in the calling rates of telecom companies have to think before initiating a call. User want to the best offer when making calls. There is so much to talk during a conversation so users a bundle or package with no times restrictions and at an affordable price.

Zong Non Stop Package:

Introducing a decent calling package is also crucial for telecom companies as well to build their credibility and trust. That is why Zong has launched a daily calling package, i.e., Zong Non-Stop Offer so users can make most of their calls. Zong Nonstop offer allows you to talk unlimited with anyone at lowest possible rates and without any time limit and restriction. If you are thinking to subscribe this offer, then all detail is given below for your ease

What are charges details??

Want to enjoy unlimited calls with Zong Non Stop Package for a whole day then subscribe to nonstop offer at just Rs 10 + tax. Only one-time subscription charges will apply, no hidden and extra costs are included. Call setup charges of Rs 0.10 + tax will apply.

Zong Non Stop Package for all

Zong Non Stop Package Subscription??

For subscribing Zong nonstop offer, quickly dial *777# from your prepaid connection. Wait until you receive a verification message which confirms your subscription.

Package NameActivation DetailPackage DetailPackage Price
Zong Non Stop OfferDail *7777#1000 On-Net Minutes (for a Day)Rs.10+Tax/Per Day

What are benefits of the offer??

Zong is offering the best that you can get through Zong nonstop offer. It gives you the benefit of unlimited calling from Zong to any Zong number for a whole day with only one-time subscription charges.

What are Terms & conditions of the offer??

  • To avail Zong nonstop offer, you should be a prepaid customer of Zong.
  • The offer will remain valid until 12 am the subscription day.
  • You cannot avail this from 7 pm to 10 pm.
  • You will get re-subscribed at midnight as it is a recursive auto offer. You must have enough balance of Rs 10+ for re-subscription.
  • After offer expiration, rates according to per package plan will apply.
  • FED and withholding tax will apply to recharge, bill, and other usages.

How to Un-subscribe??

Zong Non Stop Package:

To unsubscribe, the Zong nonstop offer message “Unsub” to 7141 or offer will automatically expire at midnight if you have insufficient balance. Zong continues to provide best and cheap call packages to its valuable customers. Zong nonstop offer is an excellent offer for prepaid customers so that they can enjoy unlimited talk time with their loved ones at the reasonable price. It is time to pick up your phone and start a real conversation with anyone with Zong nonstop offer.

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