Zong Yari Load | How to Share Balance from Zong to Zong


No one wants to be alone and that’s why people make friends. Friends are always special and dearest to us. You can rely on your friends for any kind of help in time of need. Any kind of difficulty or trouble, just call your friends and they will be there for you.  Like always, your friends can also help you if you are in need of balance. If you have low mobile credit and can’t do anything then your friends can surely help you in this situation. Different network providers have introduced this offer to their prepaid customers. Like always, Zong also comes with Yari Load to give its competitors a tough competition. Zong Yari load will give you the facility to share balance as well as balance request. The balance request feature makes this offer unique as compared to other network’s balance transfer service.

Zong Yari Load as its name suggest is specially offered for friends. Help your friends or ask them if you need with Yari load. Sometimes, it is not possible for us to load credit or recharge balance in our mobiles. You can wait for sometimes but what will you do if you have to make an urgent call or send an important text or email an important document. Surely you will need an instant solution to load credit and what can be the perfect solution other than balance transfer. Zong has made it possible for its customers that they share their balance with their friends. Zong also provides the facility to make a request for the balance transfer to your friends. Yari load will help customers in case of emergency by giving them an opportunity to share or request the balance transfer. Zong always manages to meet the needs of its customers and this time with Yari load, Zong will be able to win customer’s heart.

Service Mechanics:

The service has two features; Balance share and balance request. For balance share follow the procedure stated below:

  • You have to dial *828#.
  • Enter receiver mobile number, then type amount to be shared.
  • At the end reply with 1 to confirm the transaction.

Also, share balance by dialing *828*0315xxxxxxx*30#.

For making a request follows these steps

  • You have to dial *829#.
  • Enter the mobile number on which you want to make the request, then type amount to be requested.
  • At the end reply with 1 to confirm the transaction.

Also, share balance by dialing *829*0315xxxxxxx*30#.

Terms& Conditions

  • Only prepaid customers of Zong can avail the offer.
  • The minimum amount of balance that you can share or request is Rs 10.
  • The maximum amount of balance that you can transfer is Rs 200.
  • You must have the minimum amount of Rs 5 in your account after Yari load.
  • Customers can only make five transactions on a day either they can share balance or make a request.
  • The facility is not valid for Dealer/Employee/Franchise/Dealer & Franchise families’ tariffs & Service tariff package.
  • For successful balance transfer, you have to pay Rs2 + tax.
  • There is no subscription to the offer; you can just use the service whenever required.
  • The transfer is only from Zong to Zong.
  • There are no service charges for dialing the code.

Which kind of balance can you share??

Non Transferable balanceTransferable Balance
Built-in Balance of Golden/BYN numbers.E top-up- E Pin
FAT- built-in balance/ Hand Set Balance
Voucher Card
Auto Load/LoanOnline recharge

Online recharge

Promotion amount redeemed Balance
& reimbursed balance
Already Shared Balance

Zong Yari load allow you to transfer money to your friend’s account or you can request your friend for balance transfer. Now, don’t stop yourself from staying connected with Zong Yari load.


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